Misc Files In Android Phone and How to delete misc files?

More than 70% mobile phones having android operating system. When We run the system , we find out that it will create misc file in android phone. Apart from this files, hidden cache and temporary cache files are also created in phone. We have try to cover in this article about what is misc files […]

what are media files on android phone ?

Today more than 75 percentage market of mobile phone is captured by android. when using android mobile phone we found one question what are media files on android? we explore that where to locate this files on android phone. How it is important and Can we delete this files from android phone. We have explore […]

What is .nomedia File on Android and how to create and delete ?

Large population of the world uses android mobile phone. suppose ,you download media files and you do not want to display those media files in file manager then By using .nomedia File on Android this can be possible. Now you have to learn what is the importance of .nomedia files and how to create and […]

What is Hidden Cache Android phone or windows 10?

Cache is the most important part of any operating system. Cache makes android or any operating system faster. We explain what is hidden cache on android mobile phone? why we should keep cache as well as why we should remove cache in android or on windows 10? This article also covers how can you delete […]

discord server names with funny discord names (funny, Cool and fantasy)

When you talk about discord , at first place you think about managing servers, channels and user roles. We have use discord from several years and still when we make out the server or channel then still we think about what is the good discord server names for this server. We think server name must […]

discord pin limit and how to increase discord 50 pin limit ?

Discord provides many important features like chatting and sharing video and music with your love ones and friends. Now when you chat with friends , you will found many messages very useful. To access this type of useful messages in future you just pin these messages. Discord pin limit will reach out when you pin […]

discord hide member list (desktop,web and on mobile phone)

We all love discord for hang out with our friends and like to share text, video and images. When we want to chat with friends the normal way is we select the users from user list. sometimes we want to hide the discord hide member list. advantage is that we get the more space in […]

discord get role id (How to get and how to use)

This most important use of discord get role id is to get role object by programming . We have explain how to get role id discord and how to get role object from role id . discord can greatly organize using server and servers can organized using channels. We can easily organized one server and […]

discord character limit (How to increase to 4000)

We have discuss in this article that what is discord character limit in discord chatting application. We have tested with writing this into chat box that Does discord have character limit if yes then how many characters you can enter in chat box. Basically when we think about to send the long message then this […]

how to use discord notes 2021 (all about notes)

Discord provides one small functionality and that is discord notes. We sometime think about what is the importance of notes and how to use this feature in fruitful way. We have also address the problem how to use discord notes in discord server so all users of the server can able to watch the notes […]