discord get role id (How to get and how to use)

This most important use of discord get role id is to get role object by programming . We have explain how to get role id discord and how to get role object from role id . discord can greatly organize using server and servers can organized using channels. We can easily organized one server and […]

discord character limit (How to increase to 4000)

We have discuss in this article that what is discord character limit in discord chatting application. We have tested with writing this into chat box that Does discord have character limit if yes then how many characters you can enter in chat box. Basically when we think about to send the long message then this […]

how to use discord notes 2021 (all about notes)

Discord provides one small functionality and that is discord notes. We sometime think about what is the importance of notes and how to use this feature in fruitful way. We have also address the problem how to use discord notes in discord server so all users of the server can able to watch the notes […]

how to lower discord volume or how to turn down discord volume in output

Discord allows you wonderful facility to share voice with players playing games. In background discord server is running and managing the screen share and voice management. We have found many users found problem with how to lower discord volume in discord desktop application or how to turn down discord volume in Web application or mobile […]

discord server specific avatar : tips and tricks with tupperbox

We use the discord for chatting with friends when playing games. We have use discord to utilize the service of the different servers. we want discord server specific avatar for each server. To use different avatar and role requirement is arise when we don’t want to show one avatar or role name to another server. […]

What is mcm client app or MCM Client downloading (All you need to know)

In today’s world it was very difficult to keep employee at one place and ask him to do work. Organization have to share the data to employees working in the different locations. Most important point is to secure data from breach at employee end willingly or unwillingly. Many apps in mobile phone or other devices […]

why give a friendship ring

why give a friendship ring A friendship ring is one type of ring that you can give to your friend, connecting one person to another person with the bond of true friendship. There are many types of friendship rings available with different types of design and style, and the type of rings you choose to […]

What is the difference between a promise ring and a friendship ring

What is the difference between a promise ring and a friendship ring? 1) Promise rings that mainly concern the fulfillment of some specific promises, .while friendship rings concern with friendship forever among two or more friends. 2) There some common types of promise rings as infinity knot, heart, star, moon, etc., while friendship rings mention […]

Discord Rythm Bot Not Working or rythm bot offline(8 Ways to fix)

When we think about the music bot then we think one of the most popular music bot is rythm. you can play song from most popular sources, including Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and more media online playforms. When we think about how to install rythm bot and We have describe how to install rythm bot and command […]