robotic toys and gadgets for dogs

Our lonely dogs need a true friend so that robot toys will be best for them. Are you looking for an easy way to keep your dog happy while you are gone throughout the day? So, that time robot toys are best for your dog. This type of device is helpful to your dogs when […]

What does Tekno robotic puppy do?

Tekno robotic puppy was a famous mechanical toy among children in the USA and also other countries. Tekno robotic puppy made with many types of functions and emotions so captured the imagination of children. The primary functions include walking, eating, walking, and sleeping. In addition, the sensors used to make this robotic puppy and, with […]

how to get settings icon back on iPhone on home screen?

this article show how to get settings icon back on iPhone on home screen?. Two things will happen first thing is either your icon has delete from home screen or you are not getting settings icon anywhere in the phone. How to get iPhone settings icon back you can refer our article on this. This […]

where is my settings icon android and iphone or phone settings menu ?

In android mobile phone or in iPhone mobile the most important thing is settings section available in your mobile phone. We cover where is my settings icon android and iPhone mobile phone. When you work with mobile phone either your want to change wall paper or you want to select active sim or disable the […]

will discord pwa support is there?

Discord pwa support is available or not…let’s explore. when you learn about discord , you will feel like how to chat with and how to share music or text or photos with friends. The basic use of discord app is to allow to chat with friend when playing games. Playing game is just not passing […]

discord changing avatar too fast or change cooldown (Fix with trick)

Discord is one the popular chatting and music sharing app in gaming community. When you update the profile picture in the avatar section frequently then your will get discord changing avatar too fast warning. you are not able to change the discord profile picture and get warning changing your avatar too fast discord . you can change […]

Misc Files In Android Phone and How to delete misc files?

More than 70% mobile phones having android operating system. When We run the system , we find out that it will create misc file in android phone. Apart from this files, hidden cache and temporary cache files are also created in phone. We have try to cover in this article about what is misc files […]

what are media files on android phone ?

Today more than 75 percentage market of mobile phone is captured by android. when using android mobile phone we found one question what are media files on android? we explore that where to locate this files on android phone. How it is important and Can we delete this files from android phone. We have explore […]

What is .nomedia File on Android and how to create and delete ?

Large population of the world uses android mobile phone. suppose ,you download media files and you do not want to display those media files in file manager then By using .nomedia File on Android this can be possible. Now you have to learn what is the importance of .nomedia files and how to create and […]

What is Hidden Cache Android phone or windows 10?

Cache is the most important part of any operating system. Cache makes android or any operating system faster. We explain what is hidden cache on android mobile phone? why we should keep cache as well as why we should remove cache in android or on windows 10? This article also covers how can you delete […]