Amazon prime day sale 2018: Amazon prime day deals and offers starts from 16 July 2018

Amazon announces Amazon prime day 2018 in India starts from  16th July 2018  start time 12 Noon provides Amazon prime day online sale, Amazon prime day offers and many other you all need to know. provides Free fast delivery, 7 days, 7 new titles, many new product launches, free coupons, you have a chance to win echo dot by online listing music and up to 70% discount on various product.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon prime day charge Rs. 120 Rupees to become a prime member of amazon and apart from this prime day and on every day you will enjoy following benefits :

Benefits To Become Amazon Prime Member

1. Free fast delivery:

What is this amazon free fast delivery? and how it works?

This is what amazon prime day offers to his prime customers that  get unlimited FREE fast delivery on over 40 million items all year long with prime membership. This will  provides the one day or two days accross 100 cities with confirm delivery depend on your city location.

The finest benefit what I have seen is the

2. “No minimum Order Value” .

oh that’s fantastic means if you buy Rs. 20 brush then amazon have to deliver at your house and you are not to worry what to buy which is completely unnecessary to fulfill order upto 500 rupees. so just in morning if you think to buy small item … order it.

if you want to give birthday gift to you friend or relative amazon also provides same day or morning delivery…… of course they charge only Rs. 50 more for this to the prime customer.

oh menas what the above statement means you just order in morning 11 AM and get delivery on 8PM at same day. or you order in midnight and get delivery on next day morning.

3. 7 days, 7 new titles

Once you purchase Rs. 120 Rupees amazon prime membership then you can see 7 new movies on 7 day you can stream and enjoy following new  movies and you can also see free amazon prime video for whole year.

102 NOT out  2. DUNKIRK  3. Angreji me kahteh hai

4. Transformer the last night 5. Raazi  and  6. two  more movie.

also buy watching this video you will get discount coupon of big brand .some of big brands are FOSSILE, USTRAA,.LG, Titan etc.

4. Discount on all products

Get Up to 50 % discount on Mobile phones and accessories
Get Up to 50 % discount on Electronics and Home appliances e..g. Refrigerator, TV
Get Up to 50 % discount on Home and decoration

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