Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe : Try before you buy service launched in USA description review and waiting in India June 2018 launch the prime wardrobe service on  Wednesday 21st June 2016 .This service  means “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” in United states of america. This service was launched before one year for testing purpose and now finally have launch this service “prime wardrobe”  to all the prime members of

What is Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe service ?

Amazon’s Prime wardrobe service  allow user to return the purchased items after testing it means If customer do not like purchased item or it find it low quality or not fitted properly as per description.

In this the Prime wardrobe service if you love to buy for your wife  as nice outfit and nice party wear for your son and some nice cloths for your lovely daughter then Don’t worry about whether they like this or not just order all in one pack and when parcel box arrives at you home then open out and check all cloths you order. so we tell it not simple cart but Prime wardrobe cart.

If you don’t satisfy with some of items  then pack them and give back to near UPS point and pay only for those items those you keep with you.

Don’t worry when shopping clothing, shoes or accessories from our vast selection  from

This service is recently limited to prime members of Prime members of amazon need not to pay any additional cost for shipping or returning. as per  client review for prime wardrobe is amazing.

We believe that benefit of this approach is to keep low quality good supplier’s away from love you amazon.

so Cheer………and be amazon prime member.

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