Which text records Ancient Hindu religious beliefs

The article is about Which text records Ancient Hindu religious beliefs and mainly focus about the ancient hindu various religious beliefs .The Vedas, Bhagvat Gita, Ramayana, and other text records for Ancients Hindu religious beliefs on various topics like the work(karma), yoga, Knowledge, sprit or soul,swarg, and Narka , which are the sin and punishment of sin .This text also gives complete guidance about what to eat and Where to deliver your Donation at correct place?

These are the text which also records many types of festivals like  Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra Diwali, Ram Navami. The Hindu beliefs regarding this day that these are the holiest day, they celebrate and go to the nearest temple.




Bhagvat gita


Which text record Ancient Hindu religious beliefs

Vedas :

In Ancient times, the Only highly knowledgeable person(Rishi muni) can only understand the Vedas.

There is some knowledgeable person (Rishi muni) who writes Hindu religious books in simple words that ordinary people can easily understand. All books are actually derived from four Vedas.  In other words, it can also say that the four Vedas which are the main foundation of so many Hindu religious books.

Bhagvat Gita

Bhagvat Gita is the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun. Lord Krishna gives proper guidance to Arjun regarding the work(karma), spirit(Atma), supreme Power(God), donation, control on own mind, and endless desire and all other truth.

 This text records Ancient Hindu beliefs on the spirit that spirit, which never dies and remains live. Forever. Birth and death are only of the body but the soul. Never dies and remains live forever.

This religious text gives surety that if you follow the rules, then. you will nearest to supreme power(God)


The Ramayana is the text which records all ancient Hindu religious beliefs. The text describes  Shree Ram, whose life dedicated to the protection of religion (Dharma) The Shree Ram worked for the performing best duties, which are most. Valuable than any other thing in life.  The Shree Ram always follows his Family tradition as promises are important than life and ready to give his life in fulfillment of promises (” Raghukul Rit Sada Chali Aiye Pran Jaaye Par vachan na Jaaye” ) .

Mahabharata :

The Mahabharata is the text which records Hindu ancients beliefs. The text describes the great war among the cousin. And finally winning only those all who are in favor of truth. This Ancient Hindu text, which many focus on how the different types of persons live in family or human society. The text which is full of different kinds of person like greedy, selfish, a person who speaks only truth.

It is the text records Ancient Hindu religious beliefs that the relationship between teacher(Guru) and student, which is very holy and pure relationship and the book gives an example like Drona(Guru) and student (Arjun). The text also mentions that Shree Krishna also becomes a teacher(Guru) and providing proper guidance to  Arjun every point at the time of war at Kurukshetra.

The Religious beliefs from this text mainly focus that if person follow the truth (Dharm) then he gets automatically protected by Supreme power(God). The both epics teach about values of life.


The simple meaning of Puran is Ancients. There are eighteen MahaPuranas, and each MahaPuran concerned with the Hindu god and goddess.

1) Agni :

2) BhagvatPuran :  BhagvatPuran is the text which records ancient Hindu beliefs for the Lord Vishnu as an operator of the world and takes birth on the earth whenever the earth is full of evil rulers and give hard punishment to wicked rulers. This text also records many holy festivals like Janmashtami , Ramnavami, etc.

The Bhagvat Puran text records Ancient Hindu religious beliefs for Holy cow. This text mentions that the cow is a holy animal, and Lord Krishna likes cow, and many Knowledgeable persons (Rishi muni ) also keep and worship the cow.

3) Brahma

4) Kurma

4) Shiva Mahapuran :

Shivmahapuran is the text records Ancient Hindu religious beliefs for Lord Shiva, God of the destroyer who also known as “MAHADEV”

The text also mentions the importance of Linga and explains that Lord Shiva please quickly on any body with only true prayer and no more precious Things required for them.

The text records that Lord shiva please on hunter within few hours of the night on the holy day of Mahashivratri so that many Hindus  truly prays to lord shiva on the whole day of Mahashivaratri.

5) Linga : It is mainly related to Lord Shiva.

6) Markendya : This Puran describes the importance of shakti or Devi .It also tells that the power of mother which is main Supreme power in the world.

7)Mastya : It describes many things, but the main focus on Mastya avatar, which is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu on the earth.

8)PadmaPuran : It includes the chapter on the avatar of Vishnu and also discusses the festivals and rivers.


10) VishnuPuran

11) Varahapuran : It describe about the avatar of lord vishnu  and  also mentions about the Shiva and shakti.

12) SkandaPuran : This Puran gives information about the Kartikeya. Who is the son of Lord Shiva? .It includes information about many religious places, and it’s the importance. It is the longest Puran compare to many others

13) Vamanpuran

14) Naradpuran : It includes the chapter on the importance of Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and also mentions the holy rivers and many other exciting topics.

15) GarudaPuran : Garud Puran is the text ancient Hindu beliefs on many topics regarding the rebirth, types of crime, and punishment to that crime. It also describes the dialogue between Garud (Bird) and Lord Vishnu.

17) Brahmanda

18) Brahmavaivarta

These are the above texts which records of Ancient Hindu religious beliefs. These texts gave guidance on many topics or subjects.These texts finally lead to truth.