The many people write wrong word and best example get from one student in my class that she got confused about which word is correct apperasated or appreciation .

I was taking the class in an English subject in 8 grade.I gave homework to all students that write an essay on “My hobby.”

                             When I was checking the homework the next day, one student showed me her homework. She wrote many sentences in which all time mention. The word “apperasated” but the actual name is appreciation so that I marked ( ) symbol and wrote about spelling mistake. I also cut marks for that wrong spelling.

When my student saw that I was cutting marks for that . “apperasated ” then that time, she argued she was writing the correct name and also told me that”Teacher you have not correct knowledge about this spelling.”

The student’s continuous argument about the spelling then I feel that this was my mistake, and then I gave her full marks in the essay.

                              I also asked some teachers about the  apperasated spelling, but they told me that they were the teacher of another subject so that no correct idea about that spelling.