Ariel detergent powder

Ariel detergent powder for washing clothes

It is main purpose that washing powder must clean tough stains like as chocolate , ink etc types of stains and so it is require that selection of washing powder according to that requirement. Ariel detergent powder is the famous brand for washing clothes. It comes with both types as for hand washing and also powder for washing machine.There are so many people used this product in daily use for  washing  their clothes.It comes with variety as Ariel matic, Arieloxyblue, Ariel complete and also many more products.  There are buyer can buy this Ariel detergent powder from Retail market and also buy from online stores as amazon , flipkart etc and anyone can also get  people review about ariel products from online store as flipkart ,amazon . It is also beneficial that buyer should check and compare  retail market prices  and online store prices. For more information about the  Ariel and its  latest products visit on its official website.

Ariel detergent powder

There are all products comes in different price range and available in different as 1 kg, 2kg,3 kg, and more quantity. Buyer can buy quantity of washing powder according to their requirement. It comes in variety of products and among them some listed as below. ariel washing powder is one of the best washing powder for washing clothes.

1)Ariel complete: It is designed to work in semi-automatic washing machine and also used it for hand washing purpose 2)  Ariel matic front load washing powder is used for front load washing machine 3) Ariel matic top load washing powder:It is best for top load fully automatic washing machine and gives best result for washing clothes. 4) Ariel matic liquid detergent : It is designed for the automatic washing machines and gives best result by using correct usage.

How to use Ariel detergent powder

Ariel washing powder gives best result but on other hand It is require  to know that in which proportion use of washing powder which can give best result in washing clothes. If the clothes are more dirty or many stains of ink ,chocolate etc. on the clothes then it is required to use some more proportion of washing powder compare to normal proportion. There are for getting more tips about the how to wash clothes using Ariel washing powder visit on

types of Ariel detergent powder

Ariel perfect wash washing powder

  1. 1) is mainly  help remove tough stains while preventing your coloured clothes from fading. 2) It is best for hand washing of clothes and also work in semi automatic washing machines 

Ariel colour washing powder:

  1. 1)It is designed to best work in semi- automatic washing machine and it is also best for hand washing. 2) It can also help to remove tough stains on cloth in one wash while preventing your coloured clothes from fading 3) The User will get best result in washing clothes by the correct  usage and dosage as two scoops for the normal load and if heavy load then use three scoops for washing clothes.

Ariel complete

Ariel complete 700g,1.5 kg,3kg,4kg etc available for washing cloth and it can help in removal of stains.It’s main features as Ariel complete can remove stain in just one wash in semi-automatic washing machines and also gives best result in hand washing. 2) The User will get the best result by the use of correct dosage as 2 scoops for normal load and 3 scoops for heavy load

Ariel matic washing powder

Ariel matic front load washing powder .

It comes in different quantity according to buyer monthly consumption of like as Ariel matic front load washing powder 200g,500g,1kg,2kg,3kg,4kg,6kg etc. The User can purchase according to their monthly requirement for washing cloth.   Ariel matic has been developed for best stain removal in 1 wash for mainly front load washing machines.It is mainly used in front load washing machines and it offers best stain removal for full loads and it can also provides long lasting freshness for any load that is the main features of this washing powder. The ariel matic’s cutting edge technology provides about removal of tough stain of gravy,coffee etc type of stain from your clothes. The ariel matic powder comes in box and all instruction about the use is given on the box.

Top feature of Ariel matic washing powder for front load washing machines.: 1) Ariel matic front load detergent powder is best for front load fully automatic washing machine. 2)It gives best stain removal in 1 wash for front load washing machines. 3) It is the no 1 brand which is recommended by LG and also recommended by other washing machine manufacturing company  4) The User can get best result by correct usage as 1 scoop for normal load and 1.5 scoops for heavy load in front load washing machine.

Ariel matic top load washing powder:

it comes in different quantity acccording to buyer requirement like as Ariel matic top load washing powder 200 g,500g , 1kg,2kg, 3kg, 6kg etc. The buyer can buy the washing powder according to their need and requirement . The main features like as 1) It is best for top load fully automatic washing machines. 2)   It gives brilliant removal of stain in one wash by the use of correct usage and dosage 3) It is the no 1 brand as recommended by the LG 4) It gives deep cleaning and also long lasting freshness

Ariel matic liquid

 Ariel matic liquid 1litre,2litre etc. available in the market and it is best washing liquid for washing clothes. The main features as 1)New ariel matic  liquid detergent can remove stains and protect colours in one wash 2)It is mainly designed for automatic washing machines 3) It comes with unique cap design which can ensure 0 percent spillage that liquid retires back into the bottle. 4)It is also that User of the liquid detergent can get best result by the correct usage and dosage as 60 ml for front load and 80 ml for top load  machines so it must require to use correct dosage.

How to use washing machine:

There are many   people use washing machine in daily use for their washing clothes but they only know about the some basic instruction about the washing machine .They do not know about the how to use a washing machine. There are main basic question arise like as

A)loading washing machine: There are loading washing machine is important  from the view point of the drum size in the washing machine.It is also important that when you load then dose detergent correctly. There are for stain removal and getting best result in washing clothes must follow all dosage instruction.

B) how to clean washing machine:

It is required that wash your  washing machine regularly.If you wash your machine regularly then you will save your money on reparing expense in the long run. There are different styles of cleaning top load washing machine and cleaning of front load washing machine. 

There are for more getting information read ariel ‘s on how to use washing machine