best discord music bots with top features comparison

In this article we will discuss best discord music bot available with features.when you playing games and using discord . of course playing games without music is unfair or chatting with someone without music is also boring.Discord provides text and voice channel. We can add rhythm, groovybot and other bots so that we can play YouTube random youtube playlist, vaporwave,spotify,twitch and other music apps or website in to discord.To code this type of facility is little bit difficult.there are thousands music bots for discords are available which are directly use in your channel to listen music from various sources.

lets checkout the best discord music bots we found from our experience which are working best for both voice and text channel.

What is discord music bot and how its useful?

Discord music bot is one of the finest thing. During playing game if you want to play music in discord . You do not need to do coding in discord bot but many discord music bots are readily available and you can add this bots into your discord adding this bot you can listen music or feel singing discord from various music website like you tube,sound cloud,twitch etc.

We are presenting you the best discord music bots available in the world of bot. Criteria of selection is usefulness, number of servers installed,availability of the bots,music websites supported by the bots and most important is our experience. We have use this bots.

you can also create discord group of direct messaging (DM) where you can add maximum 10 friends and only those friends can chat and listen music.

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MEE6 discord bot

mee6 discord bot features

Mee6 is one of the best discord music bot because it provides you the best way to handle the music system. Mee6 discord bot provides you the visual player to listen the music and control your playlist. No complicate command to remember to operate the music player.

Right now MEE6 is actively installed on 3,510,783 servers as per website.

Top reasons to add mee6 discord music bot

  1. easy interface
  2. playing time is 24/7 without intereptions
  3. Looping,Volume boosting,seeking and many more functionality available.
  4. We all like democracy and Mee6 also like democracy in listening music. mee6 provides democratic system using which if your user don’t like songs then they will vote for that song and if too many votes are against the song then that song will given low priority.
  5. Mee6 supports Sound cloud, YouTube, Twitch and many other platform. so just configure and enjoy the unlimited music.
  6. Challenge your friend for guess the song and earn points. Mee6 provides the sample songs and ask your friend to guess the song.
  7. apart from all this mee6 provides commands like search,play ,record,seek etc. to help to backward and forward song.

You can click here to download mee6 discord bot

RYTHM discord bot

RYTHM discord music bot

Rhytm is my favooruite musci bot . rhtym is develop with one goal to provide best music expereince on discord.

RYTHM is installed on more than 8 millions discord server.

yes, you read right more than 8 millions discord server. The main point of choosing RYTHM is developer team is totally focus on providing the seamless music experience to discord users.

Apart from 8 millions sucessful installation we find following points which attract us to use rythm discord music bot on your server.

Top reasons to add RYTHM discord music bot

  1. discord search youtube with excellent effieciency based on search term given in to search query. For example if user write !play Michael Jackson then rythm search for Michael Jackson.
  2. Apart from playing perticular song if user want see search list then based on selection rythm shows list of similar songs. if user knows exactly which song want to play then provide exact url and that song will be played by rythm.
  3. rythm also support youtube playlist as well as video songs.
  4. Rhthm shows lyrics of the song play.
  5. Rythm provides various control commands to control songs and music.

why is rythm bot offline ?

We found sometime that why is rythm bot offline and that is due to internet connectivity issue or your discord setup is not proper. We find rythm bot is online all the time.

click to Add RYTHM discord bot on discord server.

Groovy bot discord

Groovy bot is second largest installed discord music bot. Groovy is setup on more than 4 million discord servers.

Groovy bot supports more sites than any other discord bots.

Groovy is best because its up time and ease of utilization of discord bot.

Basically groovy comes with free and premium version. Groovy premium version charges $1per month and provides you greate control over music.

Top reasons to add Groovy discord music bot

  1. It allows user to use YouTube, Sound clouds,spottily and other latest music channels.
  2. No setup required only need on command to play music.
  3. Most of the time we found groovy is up and running
  4. The best premium features provided are Volume control-you can control volume
  5. Audio effects:Bass boost, vaporwave discord and night core.
  6. Save the queue of songs so that you can listen later.

verexa bot discord

verexa bot is one of the best free discord music bot. verexa provides music listening,moderation settings,permissions,Autorole and fun,memes etc.verexa installed on more than 300,000+ discord servers

verexa provides many excellent features to play music on voice channel and enable you to listen high quality music.

Top reasons to add verexa discord music bot

  1. verexa have excellent rich features includes Search the songs faster.if verexa adds wrong song then you can change it.If you want to search then write +search<play>
  2. verexa select first five songs in youtube based on query and play song based on number given after it.
  3. verexa plays music from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Vimeo and Mixer sources.
  4. Spotify extension is available with premium subsription.
  5. In free subscription youtube album is not supported but it included in paid version.
  6. you can view the verexa queue by issuing the +play command.
  7. you can stop the music by writing +stop command.
  8. verexa provides skipping,stopping,queing and other advance level music player control commands.
  9. you can also see lyrics of the songs playing right now.

Join verexa music bot

Hydra bot discord

Hydra is another best discord music bot and you find that hydra installed on more than 364108 servers.

Top reasons to add Hydra discord music bot

  1. Hydra supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud ,bandcamp Bandcamp is a rather unpopular streaming platform it’s definitely a nice place for artists to get support on their artwork.
  2. It also support local drive access to play the songs.please take care about copyright issue.
  3. Hydra command list provides you wide variety of command list to operate the music.
  4. You can use Hydra in nearly any language you want! We’re including most spoken languages from around the globe including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and more
  5. Great infrastructure with company to provide 24/7 support.

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