philips portable radio

philips portable radio

what is best features portable radio ?

philips portable radio is best because in modern age many electronics item like as television  for hearing news and song but there are many people like to buy radio because it is  something  much different experience of hearing song and news on radio. It is also one reason for the buying radio is that its prices are less compare to other  electronics and audio instrument prices in the market. Now, there are many new FM radio channel regarding news ,sports,movie song, pop song etc. coming and so radio become best audio instrument .The main feature of philips portable radio is that it can move it easily  from one place to another place easily. There are many people  always keep pocket radio with them and listening news in the rest time.

which are the points should consider before buying radio

1) Radio brand means manufactures of instrument. 2) Radio price:There are prices of the  radio depend upon the facility in that Radio. If radio comes with some primary basic function the price will low and on other hand if the radio comes with USB port and many other advance features  then the price will remain high so the prices will determine upon the all latest features in radio. There are different brand radio price must be check and the price of the retail market also compare with online store prices.   3 ) warranty: The warranty of the radio ask to the retailer and also keep warranty card for its time period.

This are the main point but also points are like as how many band in radio, USB port,  small remote control for operating USB. etc points must be taken into account .

FM radio with USB :

It is better to buy radio with USB port. If the radio comes with USB port then User can listen movie song and audio clips.

1) Philips radio :

  1. Philips radio list: 1)Philips RL 191 portable FM radio 2)Philips RL 384 FM radio 3) Philips DL 225 FM radio 4)Philips RL 118 FM radio 5)Philips Jawan  RL4250FM radio 6)Philips RL 191 FM radio 7)Philips Portable Radio(RL226) 8)Philips all rounder IN-RL4450/94 radio(silver) 8)philips RL205/94 FM radio 9) philips two band portable fm with USB (black)

radio other brands

Sangean Radio:

1)Sangean CL-100 FM radio 2) Sangean PR-D5 Digital FM radio 3)Sangean RCR -5 FM radio

3) Sony radio:

1)sony ICF-C1 digital clock radio2) sony ICF-P36 compact portable radio(FM/AM) 3)sony ICFC1 alarm clock radio 4)sony CFD-S70 boombox 5)sony ICFP26 portable AM/FM radio. 6)Projection clock nature. 7)Entry clock radio 8)sony pocket radio

so buy philips radio ,sangean radio ,sony radio at best prices from online store like as amazon ,flipkart and these all are brand names so all the radio comes with best quality.

Disclaimer :  The above information may not 100% correct .the buyer must check every aspect of product before buying any product. This information is solely collected and written to provide facility to user . if any point is wrongly written let us know we will correct. Any profit or loss incurred by user by using this article website or writer not responsible