Best Magnetic doodle board in 2020

In this article we have put best doodle board for toddler after going through many doodle board available in the market.

The basic use of kids doodle board is give your child to write ,draw and learn new things. If you want give curiosity to your child to learn new things then toddler learn it using notebook and it makes it bored…but if you provide doodle board to your toddler then he will be enthusiastic to learn numbers and letters.

Toddler will write many times and rub it many times without worry. you can also bring the same during journey and keep your child busy in learning.

We have gone through 20 product of doodle board and review more than 23567 comments and reviews and comes out with following list of best doodle board available in the online marketplace.

doodle board

Advantages of using Doodle board

  1. Improve creativity and visualization of toddler
  2. No use of ink ,pages and rubbing material
  3. Not worrying about dust generated from board and chalk
  4. Easy to use
  5. Toodler feels he or she is playing with toy.
  6. Creates play and learn situation
  7. Easy to use indoor and outdoor.

SGILE Magnetic Doodle Board

SGILE is largest manufacturer of doodle board. SGILE comes with high quality material. High quality material means ABS( Anti-lock Braking System ) material which provides anti-scratch material and highly durable. ABS type of material is also health safely.

SGILE also have good design with round curve that will have less chance to go for injury.

SGILE comes with basic shapes of triangle, cirlce and rectangle stamps which gives your child to be more creative and place his visuallization in real world. SGILE provides doodle board which is easy to erase tab. SGILE come with four main color of shape and 8 colors of vivid colors. colors include Green, Black, Blue, Red. SGILE comes with magnetic pen with string so your toodler will not loose the pen.

This will improves creativity of your child and put his visualization on board.

Variation in SGILE doodler board Price variation comes with 3 stamps to 5 Stamps+6 Stencils+1 Album.

Another product from SGILE is SGILE Large Magnetic Doodle Board

more than 77% users gives 5 stars among the 571 customer ratings done after buying from amazon. We have observe that pen and doodle quality is also very best.

Review and Rating of SGILE

4.3 out of 5 (471 customer ratings ) and 77% users gives 5 stars rating

Toyk Aqua Magic Mat Drawing Board

We have put this product in our list because of variety of reasons the first reason is this allows to draw a random shape using water pen.

Toyk Aqua Magic Mat is Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board for toddlers. This drawing board is comes with size 40 x 28 inches. you can fold and bring it with you during journey.

Toddler have to use water drawing pen where first you have to fill the pen with water and then draw the pattern on drawing board.

After drawing on doodle board you have to wait for 3 to 10 minutes and drawing will be evaporated. This doodle comes with drawing pattern book from which toddler see picture and draw in drawing board.

This tools is environment friend and as per Meets US Safety Standards(ASTM -CPSIA – CPC). So it is not create any harm to your child.

Variation of product comes as follow

Aqua Magic Mat– size 40 x 28 inch -one doodle mat and 6 pens
Large Size Aqua Magic Mat-size 60 x 40 inch- One doodle mat and 6 pens
Magnetic Drawing Board-size 10 x 8.8 inch – one Magnetic Drawing Board and 1 pen+ 2 Ways to Erase,Partial Erasure. Multi color and Animals Shapes.

Review and rating of Toyk Aqua

Review and Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (842 customer ratings) and 73% customers gives 5 star rating.

Lolovee Magnetic Doodle Board

This product is not available on amazon but we choose it because You can use coupon code when buying this product. This lolovee also provides the 90 days money back guarantee.This website also shows every product they have sell goes through regiorus quality checking Main features:

  1. Comes with ABS Material
  2. Product have two color variation:Red and Black
  3. Doodle board Size is 8.3 by 6.7 inches
  4. Comes with ABS material and handy design with google quality material

FLY2SKY Magnetic Drawing Board

Our second choice is FLY2SKY (fly to sky) for your toddler. FLY2SKY provides doodle board with high quality material specially made using ABS material provides you scratch free doodle pad and long last because of ABS plastic material. It is also health friendly.

FLY2SKY Comes with balanced doodle board so pad does not move down when person is writing into board.

FLY2SKY comes with round corner pad and sealed corner and pen also sealed with round corner. so it will not create harm to kid while drawing or writing into pad.

This FLY2SKY comes with Pink, Macaron Purple colors.

FLY2SKY magnetic doodle board screen display blue, red, green, yellow basic colors and combinations.

We like one thing is numbers from 1 to 9 is printed on doodle board on upeer side which help kids to learn new things easily. This doodle board comes with light weight so you can allow child to play in house or bring it to outdoor and keep your toddler busy.

magna doodle board comes with 12.1” x 9.5” size and 2 stamps with 2 stencils and 1 pen with string (so pen will not lost), 1 extra pen for replacement or two children to play together. 

This is easy to erase board so your child will manage it by himself or herself. This product is best to use to 12 to 24 months children and more up to 6 years.

Review and rating of FLY2SKY

Review and rating: 4.6 out of 5 (42 customer ratings) and 72% users gives 5 star rating

Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle

This is another variation of doodle board and that is drawing mat. This is made with good quality material and comes with Larger mat size 39.5 by 31.5 inches.

To use this doodle you first have to fill the pen with clean water and start drawing on the board. toddler can draw as many big pictures like natural clip art drawing or big picture of shape ,flowers and others.

You can also hang it on a wall and use it which will save your space. No ink, no chalk and no harmful chemical. everything is safe for your child.

Once your toddler finish his work , drawing will automatically disappear after 3 to 10 minutes so he or she can use it again and again.

Review and Rating

4.5 out of 5 (from 547 customer ratings) and 77 percents of users says 5 stars rating.

NextX Magnetic Drawing Board

Netx magnetic drawing board is also one of the popular in online doodle boards.

This board is comes with high quality material and normally boards comes with conventional single color board instaed of this netx is comes with four different colors of drawing : Red blue green and yellow which will make drawing real and provides feels good experience to your child.

This board made up with nontoxic ABS plastic materials and more friendly to kids.It is durable and break resistance is provided. square corner may cause harm to child but this boards are round not harm to your child.

This Netx doodle board comes with stickers of animal and numbers so which will helpful to your child to see and draw the same image into board and feel crazy that how easy they will learn to draw and show it to others.

This will comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (caused by non-artificial breakdown)

Review and Rating of NextX Magnetic

4.5 out of 5 (from 547 customer ratings) and 77 percents of users says 5 stars rating.

Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board

This gamenote comes with 18 months warrantly…lol I love this long warranty period.

Gamenote comes with 18 by 13 inches drawing board and where drawing area up to 11.5 by 8.5 inches which allow your child to draw big drawing picture with big space.

Again the board comes iwht durable , smell free and healthy ABS material

This comes with four color on board : Green , white, Red ,yellow colors. This product comes with 5 stickers and 6 vehicles stickers which you can stick on the board and toddler will draw the shape by viewing the stickers and vehicles which improves the intelligence and imagination of child.

Rating and Review of Gamenote board

4.4 out of 5 (349 customer ratings ) and 70 percentage of users gives five star rating.