Best Modded kik app with all features and download link [January 2020]

We have wrote this article to introduce you with best Modded kik available till January 2020. This article also covers the modded kik app with all its features and download link location[Some of available on dropbox]. We have also discuss modded kik for iphone.

best Modded kik app available

What is modded kik?

Once vanilla app is modified with coding and develop new customized kik version known as modded kik.

vanilla Kik is the app develop by students and now variety of customized versions available for modded kik. one version of kik is downloaded from Google play store is 24,81,300.

Modded kik provides facility like you can able to send messages,video, pictures to your friends and to anonymous person. you can also use to troll the person even without become his friend on kik.

If you do not have any friend then also you can talk to kik bot where you can find many friends. you can also use this app to find your date or friends.

Vanilla app is only develop to talk cross platform chatting means android users can chat with iphone users etc. New customized versions available which provides many more functionality then vanilla kik app. We have list out best customized kik app available with their features and download link.Discord app is text to speech and chatting app like modded kik.

We have discuss following modded kik

  1. LynxKik Modded Kik
  2. Pikik2 Modded Kik
  3. Matrik3 Modded Kik
  4. CryKik Modded Kik
  5. GHOSTKIK Modded Kik
  6. NULLKIK Modded Kik
  7. K8 – iOS Modded Kik

1. Lynx Modded Kik

We have found lynx modded kik is most popular among the others because it provides many functionalities.

Chat Section

  1. Fake Camera – This facility will play picture or video from your galary so that another person see as fake image of you.
  2. Disable Typing – By disable this other person can not see that your are typing or not and by enable do reverse.
  3. Read Receipts- By enabling this other person with whom you are chatting can see whether message send by him is received by can enable or disable on lynx modded kik.
  4. Who is reading – Gives you name who read your message. you can enable or disable this functionality.
  5. Fake Camera Detector- Wow The most important feature I Like in Lynx modded kik is it provides fake camera detector. Using fake camera detector you can easily find out that other person is using fack camera and chatting with you. you have three options. you can make it off fake camera detector. you can expose it publicly which means all the person in your group knows that this person use Fake camera. you can personally tell this person to do not use fake camera.
  6. Mod Detector- you can detect which mod of lynx use by other user matrickik or pikik.
  7. Start chatting detector-Specify the message and this message will automatically play when some one add you in group
  8. Start chatting reply-Specify the message and this message will play automatically when someone start chatting with you.

Theme in Lynx modded kik

This alllows you to set the theme type , allow to scroll text of your name if name is long then app size. It also allows you to specify colors and bubble colors. Allow you to select message text colors.

Exploit options in Lynx modded kik

  1. Fake camera- Allow you to use fake camera where pictures and taken from your photo Galary.
  2. No forward- Message send by you does not forward by another user.
  3. No save – User cannot save your played message
  4. Auto play – Video send by you will play automatically.
  5. Auto Mute- Video send by you will not play automatically.
  6. Auto Loop- Video send will be in loop.

2. PIKIK2 Modded Kik

PIkik is another good choice to use this customized modded kik. This provides almost similar functionality that is provided by Lynxkik app. We also listed out the setting area of the PIKIK modded app.

PIKIK Display Setting

  1. Square incoming messages
  2. Square outgoing messages
  3. Change incoming and outgoing text colors

PIKIK Chat Mod Setting

PI Kik provides various mods to use when your are chatting with friend or finding date person.

  1. Fake camera – Enable or disable use of fake camera where you can specify who is chatting as other image or video.
  2. disable Typing – other persona cannot see whether you are typing
  3. Read receipt – allow another persona to use whether you read the received message or not.
  4. voice messages – allow to send voice message during chatting.
  5. Group photos – allows user to send group photos

Forward option in PI modded kik

  1. No forward voice message
  2. No forward Gif
  3. No forward messages
  4. No forward camera pics
  5. No forward Galary videos
  6. No forward at all

The most important features in PI Modded kik app is it allows to view since how many days other user is using this pi modded app. This provides auto read option using which instantly send message to another user that you read the message. do not disturb will automatically out from group which you leave.

In PI modded kik use emoticons , if you enable then it will allow to send emoji during chatting.

3. Matric3 Modded Kik

This matric 3 modded kik is wonderful in terms of it introduce the stealth mode in app settings. in normal apps sender can see eighther you recieved message or not received message while in Matric3 you can enable the stealth mode so sender can only see the S instead of recieved or not received.

Matric3 kik app settings

  1. Fack camera
  2. set chat background – using this you can set the chatting background image or chatting bubbles or chatting text color etc. Matric 3 provides facility to set your text color and received text color options
  3. Enable custom background – Set Jpg image to see custom background
  4. Enable custom Theme
  5. Enable Anti spam – using which you can control the sender by sending same message again and again.
  6. Both options: Enable , Enable bot response, Disable bot response and more you can add bot response using which you have to type message into text box and when someone message you bot will automatically send this bot response message for initial conversation.
  7. Automatic Reply
  8. Do not disturb functionality

4. Crykik Modded Kik

crykik is one of the most popular modded kit. it support all the primary functionality list below.

  1. Fake camera
  2. UI customization
  3. Anti logging System
  4. Text size and Text Font setting
  5. incoming and outgoing bubble shapes
  6. No shape
  7. Auto loop , auto mute, auto play and no forward
  8. New features are time stamp to each message
  9. Le ghost and All Le smile allow to set emoji

5. Ghostkik Modded Kik

Ghost kik modded kit is very much light weight and when run consume very less data when run on internet.

Ghost kik support most of the features like fack camera, sender and receiver text colors, Do not disturb , message received etc. you must take care before downloading because due to popularity many website provides dummy ghostkik modded kit. latest version is GhostKik (Light)

Modded kik for ios

Three kiks are available for ios and we wrtie down from best.

6. K8 – iOS Modded Kik

K8 kik modded app is one of the oldest and widely used modded kik app in ios.This app provides all of the follwing fetures in ios.

  1. Night dark Mode provides to show your app in black theme
  2. Fake camera option is available.
  3. Enable Full screen – when you start app chatting window is small but when you enable full screen then app will cover your screen.
  4. All bubble colors – enable or disable
  5. Custom bubble colors -Enable or Disable
  6. Text size and Text Font setting
  7. incoming and outgoing bubble shapes
  8. No shape
  9. Auto loop Videos , Mute Videos
  10. Unlock smiles

7. Kik++ – iOS Modded Kik

This app supports all the features suppported by k8 but some of the users find problem in loading fake camera in k8 while kik++ is working fine.

Cons of using Modded kik

We have listed that modded kik for ios or android phone is very good for chatting , sharing videos or pictures even you can hide your identity. Apps works find when you want to make new friends , understand his or her nature first and then disclose your identity with him or her.

Cons points we have to list out because modded kik are not official and anyone can develop any modded app with few modification and little bit change in code. Behind all this developer can write code which will hack your mobile phone or steal your mobile data. So my personal advise is to use this type of app on separate mobile where you will not store any important data like contacts, credit card information or snaps. We have testes only lynx app and research from toher apps.

note:This article is only written to give you best modded kik apps available in market. please use it with caution or at your own risk . We are not responsible for any profit or loss done by this app.