Best modded kik for iphone users without jailbreak [January 2020]

Modded kik app is use to do chatting, video sharing , picture sharing with friends. This app is different then other ios apps that you can hide your identity bu using fake camera using modded kik. you can also make friends with your hidden identity and then once you comfortable with person then you can un-hide your identity.

best Modded kik app available

The first vanilla kik was develop by buffalo college students to provide cross platform chatting and files and video sharing. you can download the original kik vanilla from iphone kik developer website.Then onward many versions of vanilla kik was develop to provide more functionality like customize user interface, fake camera view which send your galary pictures or video to other recipient instead of actual camera pictures. This customized app is called modded kik app.

What is Jailbreak in iphone?

Jailbreak means the app will access you operating system withough authorization and modified it to make it vulnerable.

We have find out many modded kik app for android but very few modded kik available for iphone user or ios users. We have list down the best modded kik for iphone users.

  1. Kik vanilla app
  2. K8 – iOS Modded Kik
  3. kik++-iOs Modded kik

1. Kik Vanilla app (ios kik original)

First version of kik vanilla app is developed by Kik Interactive Inc. and works with iOS 9.0 or later. This app is also works with ipad and ipod touch. This app also provides family sharing where up to six persons can chat in group by sharing chatting, videos and pictures.

2. K8 kik (iOS Modded Kik)

This is the oldest app available for iphone users so they can hide their identity and do chatting with their friends or anoynmous.

Which are the functionality provided by K8 Modded kik app ?

  1. Night dark Mode provides to show your app in black theme
  2. Fake camera is enable or disable using which you can either send fake video as a camera or pictures as a camera to other one chatting with you.
  3. Enable Full screen – when you start app chatting window is small but when you enable full screen then app will cover your screen.
  4. All bubble colors – enable or disable
  5. Custom bubble colors -Enable or Disable
  6. Text size and Text Font setting
  7. incoming and outgoing bubble shape
  8. Auto loop Videos , Mute Videos- This allows you that videos send by you will continuously play at remote end. or when you send video it will be mute.
  9. Unlock smiles

3. kik++ (iOS Modded Kik)

Kik++ modded kik app is latest development of kik app for iphone users. It almost provided all the functionality provided by android lynx modded kik.

Chatting section settings

  1. Fake Camera – play stored picture or video from your galary so that reciepitant see the fake video instead of your original face on camera.
  2. Disable Typing – on kik++ you just disable this option and receipient new comes to know that you are typing.
  3. Read Receipts- Once you disable this option then sender never comes to know that whether you read the message or not.
  4. Start chatting detector-
  5. Start chatting reply-Specify the message and this message will play automatically when someone start chatting with you
  6. No forward- Message send by you does not forward by another user.
  7. No save – User cannot save your played message
  8. Auto play – Video send by you will play automatically even user not press play button.
  9. Auto Mute- Video send by you play repeatedly but without voice .
  10. Auto Loop- Video send by you play repeatedly .

We have listed out the vanilla kik and modded kik available on online. you must use this app with care. you have to download from valid source because some of the kik app will steal your data. use the above apps with your own risk.