How to change brackets in tupperbox? (command and pictures)

Tupperbox bot is one of the poupular bot when you want to deal with different channel with different roles. When you want to chat someone with one name in one bot and you want to chat with other name in second bot then its quite easy to do it with tupperbox bot. We have specifically written down article on how to use tupperbox and also explore each and every commands for tupperbox. In this article we are trying to figure it out how to change brackets in tupperbox with example.

What is brackets in tupperbox?

Very first step is to regiswtere yourself with tupperbox. you can registger yourself tiwth the help of Tul!register command. Using this command you first register yourself with tupperbox.

Tul!register loyal [text]

once you fire this command then tupperbox bot will display you following output

Then once you register with this command with tupperbox bot then meaning of above command is as follow.

you tell to tupperbox bot that when something is written within square bracket like [Helooooo dude] that means tupperbox with identify that john have written this message.

When this message is posted into the chat then the user name is change to john.

So for example,

you just type

[helloooooooooo dude]

and the chat box covert it to
John : helllooooooooo dude

as shown in figure below.

How to change brackets in tupperbox?

This is one of the primary requirement of users that how to change brackets in tupperbox? We have normally uses brackets to indicate that any message writtien withing the bracket is consider as send by tupper user.

you can change the bracket by writing following command.

tul!brackets loyal truelover:text

This command will change bracket from square bracket [] to truelover.

when user write truelover:hello dear all then message posted as “hello dear all” from loyal.

change brackets in tupperbox

This way you can change the bracket in tupperbox.


We have try to cover what is brackets in tupperbox and how you can chage the brackets in exsting tupper in tupperbox. We have explain all with proper command and figure.