column vs row meaning in real world,SQL database and in Ms Excel

in this article I will explain you the what do you mean by column vs row. We will eloborate that what is the meaning of row vs column term when you use this term in various plateforms. like real world, Sql database and also in MS excel.

row vs column: in Real world with practical example

in simple term row is horizontal arrangement of the items and column in consider vertical arrangement of the items.

when we go to movie theater we got the ticket and written down C-5 is our ticket number. here C is consider row, so we will find out the C row and in C row we have to found out the seat number 5. here 5 is consider the column number.

another example to understand row vs column is when you ask one group to stand in row then all the person will stand side by side. same order is given to stand in a one vertical line then one person will stand after another person.This is consider as column.

if you consider 3 by 3 matrix then following figure will comes in to your mind .

now you understand that if someone ask you to make 3 rows and 4 column in ms word then you simply think that you have to draw three vertical lines and four horizontal lines.

Another real word examples

  1. sum up all the rupees in rupees column
  2. I am standing in front of food stall row.
  3. Go and seat in row number 3
  4. Go to column number 5 for juice
  5. take book available in third row and fifth column in book shelf.

row vs column: Meaning in Sql database with practical example

When we talk about row vs column in sql database then you can say row as tuple and column as attribute.

In database you have to create table also called relation. In relation you have to create certain records.

for example for employee you have to create table emp_record . now in emp_record you have to create the record structure.

now this will create the employee record with emp_id,emp_name and emp_salary. once you enter the data into record then it looks like below

Now you consider the above figure and think that there are three rows and five columns. in database lanuguage this is callled three tuples and five attributes.

in datbase normally we start the row and column number from zero. so suppose you want to access the third column of second row then you have to write employee[2][3].This will give you 6875 value.

Now think of following commands

Delete second row of the emp_record table the following query will be written down in database.

Delete from emp_record where emp_id=2

Delete third column value of second row of emp_record table then following query will be written down

Delete from emp_record where emp_contact=123

row vs column: Meaning in Microsoft excel practical example

When we are referring the same in Microsoft excel then we have to first see the following figure of excel worksheet.

Here 1,2,3 are consider as rows and A,B,C,D,E are consider as columns.

now if you want to add two cells A5 with B7 meanning is you want to add cell value of 5th row and A column with cell value of 7th Row and B column.


This will result the addition of two number.

summary table of row vs column

with all the understanding we have written down following comparison of row and column.

1Row is horizontal arrangement of objects Column in vertical arrangement of data
2Row means when objects are arrange side by sidecolumn means object arrange one behind another
3In DBMS row is called tuplein DBMS column is called attribute
4in excel row is call rowin Excel column is called column and both intersect is call cell.
5In DBMS or Excel on record is call rowin DBMS or Excel one field of the record is called column.
6in Matrix collections of horizontal cells is called rows in Matrix collections of vertical cells is called columns.
7Row is collections of columnscolumn is small part of row.


We have try to elaborate the row vs column concepts in different ways with different tools. We understand that how to use row vs column in real world. we have also explore that row is called tuple and column is called attribute in database.We have also read that how to understand row and column in excel. With the hope that row vs column is clear in your mind. if you have any problem then let me know in comment section.