what is com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel app:all you need to know(december 2020)

We have discuss about com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel service and what the purpose of this app ? which are the problems reported by different users across the world? we have also discuss can we uninstall it ? does it is virus or spyware or another type of harmful service? How to solve problems regarding this service.We have also written down about many other apps like com.samsung.incallui,com.samsung.telecom and com.wssyncmldm

what is com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel app?

Many services start automatically when we start our mobile phone. service like com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel app will start automatically . This app is for phone and sim toolkit. This service is works with Dialler and messages apps in your mobile phone.

This app is works fine if you have not enable the Fast Dormancy functionality of mobile phone then this service works fine and create no problem.

Smartphones with original fast dormancy don’t like 3GPP feature and started releasing signaling connection soon after data session is ended. After introducing it with smartphone it is purely works with radio and drain battery very fast in mobile phone.

if you enable the fast dormancy functionality then this service will drain the battery very fast and also consume to much data.

problem due to com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel

This app individually works fine and create no problem but when you on the fast dormancy then mobile phone getting slow and battery get drain down fast.

We have not find any other disadvantage of com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel service.

does com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel is spyware or virus?

Answer is no. com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel is not a spyware nor virus. It is purely part of android operating system. It also not a service which stolen your data.More How to remove spyware or malware from mobile phone you can visit avast website.

Can I stop or uninstall com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel service?

No you can’t stop com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel service. Many services are interconnected and if you stop this app then inter connection of other services create problems.

If you find anything which are the problems created by this service then you follow below steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the running services tab
  3. Select All which display you all the services
  4. click on com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel .
  5. Clear Cache and Clear Data
  6. If problem still persist then press disable/freeze service and then restart it.

Messaging apps might be affected due to uninstall of this service

  1. True caller
  2. Messaging app
  3. WhatsApp.
  4. Google Messenger.
  5. Textra SMS.
  6. Pulse SMS.
  7. Mighty Text.
  8. QKSMS.

Caller Id apps might be affected due to uninstall of com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel

  1. Hiya Caller ID and Block.
  2. Should I Answer.
  3. Mr. Number.
  4. Showcaller.
  5. Whoscall.
  6. CIA.


com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel is purely service comes under the umbrella of android operating system.This service use for sim toolkit and messing app.We have also written list of apps in your mobile phone might be affected due to deletion of this service.

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