what is the abbreviation for continued with example and cases?

We have found some time that how to write continued abbreviation in English language as well as other languages like German, French, Chinese,Japanese? We have also quotes examples how correctly use abbreviation for continued. some people use contd. or cont’d and cont which one is right ?

Abbreviation means suppose you write “does not available” then you write “doesn’t available“.

another example is if you want to write “for example” the abbreviation is “i.e.”

We have gone through various abbreviation of continued in literature.

Continued abbreviation in English

continued abbreviation

The right word is continue and continue abbreviation is “cont.” or abbreviation of continue is “Cont.” and not “Contd.”

We have find out “cont.” is also used for continued abbreviation in English literature and also use similar abbreviation “contd.” but formal english grammer only allow to use “Cont.” and not “Contd.”

This is normally we write down when writing mail or writing essay. We have also found some people also use word cont’d as an abbreviation for continued but it is UN-official or non formal language. cont’d,cont or con’t are non formal abbreviation of Continue.

examples of abbreviation for continued

Example 1:

Actual Statement: we have continue post lunch talk.

Example of Continue abbreviation : we have cont. post lunch talk.

Example 2:

Actual Statement : We go up and down and again from down to up and this process is continued till we get success.

Example of Continued abbreviation We go up and down and again from down to up and this process is cont. till we get success.

Abbreviation of Continued in other languages.

GermanLanguage -Forts 继续

What does  fortsetzen mean ? it means continue in Germanlanguage and abbreviation is Forts.

What does kontynuuj mean? it means continue in polish language and abbreviation is kont.

What does  继续 mean? it means continue in Chinese language and abbreviation is Contd.

cases: abbreviation for continued

how to write continued on next page in ppt?

Normal practice to write abbreviation continued on the next page in power point presentation is write continued on the next page instead of writing abbreviation.

how to use continued at the top of the page?

if you write letter and at top of the page then write cont. on next page or cont. on page number 2.


We have try to explain continued abbreviation with example with cases and in other languages. enjoy reading.