crimedoor all you need to know

crimedoor app is best app for crime cases

There are many people have much eagerness about the recent crime happening in their state or country and also eager about the what happening with the investigation,major suspect and all other thing about that crime.

There are most of the news channel also make crime show and many people like to watch this crime show daily or weekly on the television.

   There are many daily newspaper also include one column about the crime story which aare recently happen in the city or any state of the country.

                The User of the crimedorr app can selectcrime cases which are become most famous  and then with the use of this app the user feel that he or she remain present at the location of the crime.The crimedoor app provide experience to the user that become detective and check the many consequences of the crime.The app also provide the related video ,information about the crime scene so that will helpful to user to check the all consequences of the crime.

                    The crimedoor app also provide facility to user that share the photograph of the crime scene to others.

The app include many number of crime cases which was happened in the USA.

It is also happen that crimedoor app helpful to  investigator, decetive who have onlu main work to solve the crime cases and so this app will also best for them.

The crimedoor app available in the apple app store so you can download from the apple app store while Andorid version available in short period of time .

2) The crimedoor app is free but you need to register with using email address for the accessing content of the app.

3)It is also important that which type of mobile  phones and devices best for the crimedoor app and for that go to   For the inviting friends to use this crimedoor app share the link of the app from the google play store or app store