Detergent : Best detergent in india

Detergent : Best detergent in india

A) Detergent cake

There are so many manufactures of detergent cake in india and they selling their products in specific region in india but some of the detergent cake brand like as nirma.ghadi,wheel etc..which are not only famous to certain region but famous in india and their detergent cake can easily buy from retail stores in india.

Detergent cake is not only used in washing clothes but it can also used for some other cleaning purposes.

          The main features of the detergent cake is that it comes in  Rs.10 OR Rs 20 so people can easily buy and use it in washing clothes and other cleaning purposes. Detergent cake is widely used in not only urban area but also used in rural area in india.

1) Tide detergent bar:

Tide is the brand which is famous in many countries of the world. Tide detergent bar gives outstanding cleaning to your garments.It gives right amount of foaming to cleaning dirt and stains.It is available in multiple size pack so buyer can purchase according to it’s requirement.

2) Rin detergent soap

Rin detergent soap is one of the best product that comes with best quality.It can remove dirt from your clothes.It is suitable for not only coloured clothes but also best for white clothes.It can give shine to your clothes every day.

3) Nirma detergent bar:

Nirma detergent bar is available in different pack size .There are various type of detergent cake in the market and buyer can purchase according to their as 1)Nirma detergent cake 2) super nirma detergent cake 3) Nirma popular detergent cake.

4) wheel 

Active wheel  detergent bar cleans with purity and it also gives long lasting freshness so it is one of famous detergent bar for washing clothes.

5) Patanjali detergent bar

It comes in different pack sizes.It is gentle for clothes and also keep the skin safe.The detergent cakes prepare with herbs which can gives shining to your clothes. It gives security to your clothes and also to your hands.It comes in different variety like as 1)HErbo wash detergent cake 2) superior quality detergent cake and many more other vaitey detergent cake.

6) surf excel detergent bar:

It is premium detergent bar.It can remove tough stains so it is best for washing clothes.

7) Henko

 It can remove stains and it  removes dirt from clothes so  Henko detergent bar is best for laundry.5) Dhara:

8) Dhara:

Dhara power plus detergent cake removes dirt from clothes and then your clothes looks like new. It can also remove stains.It gives confidence to shine all day.It is extremely easy to use.


woosh detergent cake can remove stains and gives whiteness.It is one of the famous detergent cake in many regions of  india and it’s ads focus on words as woosh kare koosh.  

2) Detergent powder

There are many famous washing powder brand like as Nirma,ariel ,surfexcel,tide,henko,ghadi,rin and other brand washing powder can buy from retail market and it can also buy from online store.There are many manufacturers of washing powder but some of the washing powder famous only in certain city or certain region but some of the brand famous in all over india and their products easily available from retail stores in india. from the There are prices of washing powder depend upon many factors but the best detergent powder is that which comes with best quality and reasonable price .