What is DiagMonAgent and solve DiagMonAgent has stopped error

we have explain how to solve DiagMonAgent has stopped error occur in samsung mobile phone. Many samsung mobile phone apps are started automatically at the start of the mobile phone. We have explain what is diagMonagent app? What is the functions of Diagmonagent app ? Which are the issues face due to Diagmonagent app.

What is DiagMonAgent app?


DiagMonAgent is one of the app found in Samsung mobile phone. I have seen this app in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime mobile phone. This app perform is mainly used for Diagnosis Monitoring Agent. This app monitor the working of samsung mobile phone.similar app is cqatest in motorola mobile phone.

How DiagMonAgent app is useful ?

When you press following key to see


in your Samsung mobile phone then it will open up the Diagnosis Monitoring app . This app will test out all the devices attached with your mobile phone.

you can download latest version of this app from this link

Primary functions of DiagMonAgent app

primary functions of diagmonagent is as follows

  1. This app allows you to test the color display Red, Green and Blue buttons when you press you can see that exact colors are display or not
  2. When press receiver button then you can test receiver of your mobile phone is working properly. In This test when you speak something then that will speak from your mobile phone.
  3. Vibration of your mobile phone you can test with this app.
  4. This app also allows you to check various sensors like finger print sensor, acceleration sensor and other sensors functions
  5. using this app you can also check working of touch,sensors, sleep and speaker ,camera testing and frequency testing.

so using this Diagnosis monitoring service running in background you can check all the devices and sensors of your mobile phone.

how to solve DiagMonAgent has stopped error message

if you have problem that Diagmonagent has stopped error message shown in your mobile phone then you can solve this error by two ways.

We recommend First way …using which my problem has been solved

Method 1: Reset samsung mobile phone

If you are using samsung mobile phone and it prompt the error that diagmonagent is stop the you have to reset your mobile phone.

Two ways to reset mobile phone.

Hard reset of mobile phone

Step 1. Turn off your phone

Step 2: press and hold the Power key and Volume Up key with this press and hold the Power key.

Step 3: Release the keys when the Android logo visible.

Step 4 : Then the Android system recovery menu will appears

Step 5: use the Volume Down key to select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and press the Power key to proceed.

Step 6: Select Yes and proceed again. When the factory reset completes, select “Reboot System Now”.

Soft Reset of mobile phone

soft reset case you just have to reset the settings and not wipe out all the data.

Method 2 : How to uninstall DiagMonAgent

When I try to uninstall or force stop DiagMonAgent app then I have seen following prompt message.

if you want to uninstall this app then you have to follow this steps

  1. Open settings
  2. Select System apps
  3. Then search for DiagMonAgent app
  4. click on that app and press force stop
  5. when you press force stop it will stop this app

There is another way to deal with this problem is use Package Disabler Pro but for this you have to spend some bucks.


We have explain what is DiagMonAgent and how to solve problem of DiagMonAgent has stopped using three different method.

Hope this will helpful to you and solve the problem.