discord changing avatar too fast or change cooldown (Fix with trick)

Discord is one the popular chatting and music sharing app in gaming community. When you update the profile picture in the avatar section frequently then your will get discord changing avatar too fast warning. you are not able to change the discord profile picture and get warning changing your avatar too fast discord . you can change it maximum two times.discord avatar change cooldown is not a big problem.

Profile picture is the most generous way to show your personality.

In this article we have found out alternative way to change discord pfp frequently.

discord changing avatar too fast

How many times can you change discord avatar?

you can change discord avatar maximum two times in five minutes . If you change avatar more than two times in a minute and then go for third time discord give you following warning.

“You are changing your avatar too fast. Try again Later.”

Now after five minutes you can able to change the avatar.

Here , changing means you can upload you avatar as many times as you want but when you press save button is consider as one time.

so, you must take care before pressing save button.

Plan your avatar Discord Profile Picture Size before pressing save button

Avatar represent your personality , In case if you change avatar many times and then you are not able to change it for several minutes then it create wrong impression on other users.

you can change avatar only two times.

you just follow the below check list before changing avatar in discord.

Check list before changing avatar in discord to avoid discord avatar change cooldown

so before going to then chaging avarag you should pre plan your discord avatar settings.

The best size for your Avatar or discord profile picture (discord pfp) is 128 × 128 pixels.

If you upload a large picture than 128 × 128 pixels then discord will automatically cut it down to proper size.

You can upload a JPG, PNG, GIF for animated discord profile images.

Animated GIF available with nitro subscription only.

Discord profile image is circle. Means when you upload any picture then you should take care that circle will represent you icon.

use discord online avatar maker

you can use the online avatar maker before uploading your avatar in discord account.

In this case you have to got online avatar maker website listed below .

  1. https://avatarcropper.com/
  2. https://discord-avatar-maker.app/

Make your avatar and then upload with relax feeling.

This online tools allows you to make avatar online and preview it online. Adavantageof this tools are you can fix you mind with you loving profile picture.

This tools alos have certain limitation.

You can also

In discord changing avatar too fast using tupperbox

when we talk about the changing avatar too fast then how can we forgot the best bot name is “Tupperbox bot”

When you are planning to change your role name or username and also your avatar in discord then you can use this tupperbox bot to achieve

Also read:How to use Tupperbox Bot in Discord

This bot allows you to change the discord avatar too fast.

Simplay as many times as you want .

To chage avatar too fast you have to follow the following steps

  1. Install Tupperbox bot
  2. following command with crate role and avatar then after you can change the avatar as amny times as you wnat .

The perform following commands in tupperbox.

create tupper for user1 (John)

tul!register “smartman ” -tsstext

first user for tupperbox

Change the avatar of john by writing following command

Tul!avatar smartman  url of the image

first user avatar for discord server specific avatar

then by using above command you can able to change you avatar as many times as you want.

The advantage of using tupperbox in this section is it allow you to change the avatar too fast without worrying about the banned or you cannot change avatar warning.

In tupperbox you can change your role name also.

Restart your device to solve you are changing your avatar too fast

Many times it does happen that you change the profile picture two times and then wait for 5 minutes but still discord does not allow you to upload the PfP.

In this case some of your application stuck or computer program many not responding properly. The easiest solution is you have to restart you device either it is laptop or mobile phone.

Once you restart your device then you will try to upload this profile pic and the you will easily update it.

Re install discord software or discord app

Now, final solution if any of the above will not wokr.

You have to uninstall the discord sosftware or discord app from the computer or mobile phone.

now , you have to re isntall the discord sotware in your cmputer or restisall sdiscord app from palystore.

Now, again check for the discord prfile and tyr to solve thie above eissue.