discord character limit (How to increase to 4000)

We have discuss in this article that what is discord character limit in discord chatting application. We have tested with writing this into chat box that Does discord have character limit if yes then how many characters you can enter in chat box. Basically when we think about to send the long message then this question comes in our mind that what is discord message limit and we have work out on this problem as well as we have found out how to send multiple messages by overcoming this limit. you can also use text to speech message using discord. you can also read role name in discord and other useful things.you can increase the character limit by buying subscription of discord nitro.

what is discord character limit ? It is 2000 words per message.

What is discord character limit?

you can enter 2000 characters in chat box at a time.Discord character limit is 2000 characters but with nitro subscription you will get 4000 characters.This is basic limit and once you start typing more characters than 2000 then discord gives warning you have exceeded the maximum characters.

Why is there a discord message character limit?

Discord is more than just chatting platform so normal users whose is sharing content while playing games or when teaching someone using teaching channel . In all the cases for which discord is design needs short conversation and not too long conversation.

You specially need long conversion while soing business chat or sending report. But discord what I understand is design for game lovers and showing their screen to someone.

 Discord want to prevent spam or flooding of text into system.

That’s why discord have a 2000 character limit.

What is the character limit on Discord status?

Character limit on discord status is 128 characters.

How to increase the discord 2000 character limit ?

There is no better way to exceed the limit of discord chats that is 2000 characters.

only single way to send more than 2000 characters in only you can send them in chunks of 2000 characters . We have also mention in this article that how to send more than 2000 character using discord. you can increase the chars by spending some bucks means buying nitro subscription.

Does Nitro Increase character limit?

using Nitro subscription you can able to send messages up to 4000 characters, which means you can send the entire Shrek 2 script in about 8.5 messages now.

Discord nitro increase the file upload limit from 8 MB to 100MB and allow to upload high-quality file sharing.

Can I overcome discord character limit by using some bot?

No, you cannot over this maximum character limit by using any bot. Even I have use many programming bots have the same problem that they will send only 2000 characters of program and then you send next part in second and third.

We have try almost all bots which possibly allows you to send messages but no bot support posting message with more than 2000 character.

Does this limit is impose by server admin?

No , discord by default support only 2000 characters per chat . so your adminstator or any other operson not responsible for this limit .

how to change character limit in discord more than 2000 characters per chat?

yes you can send messages with chunk of 2000 characters per chat . you have to automate the script and using discord webhook , you can able to send multiple messages you read from the file . Either it is html or text file.

How to create webhook in discord

To create the web hook you have to click on the gear icon near channel . discord only allows you to create webhook in to the discord channel and not in chat .

once you create the webohook then write down following code.

. You’ll then be able to specify the name, which is the name that is used when sending messages if none is specified in the JSON post request.Then at the bottom, you’ll get the unique Webhook URL. Copy it and save it somewhere, as we will use it later.

you have to create webhook in the channel .

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <title>Discord Webhook Tutorial</title>
    <button onclick="multiplemessage()">Send</button>

    function multiplemessage() 
      var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
      request.open("POST", "https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/your id and details");

      request.setRequestHeader('Content-type', 'application/json');

      var params = {
        username: "webhook username",
        content: "message read from the file"


Now read the message from the file using following code

with open(info[“textfile”], ‘r’) as file:
msg = file.read(2000).strip()
while len(msg) > 0:
await message.author.send(msg)
msg = file.read(2000).strip();

This way you can put the limit of 2000 characters will read from the file .

you can understand the webhook by reading node js link.


Discord provides various way to chat and get together with friend like chatting text, sharing videos and images. when we have to deal with problem to send large numbers of characters then problem will arise. We have written down article on general problem of What is discord character limit ? and does nitro discord will solve this problem . as well as we have shown the way you can automate the discord chatting process.