discord get role id (How to get and how to use)

This most important use of discord get role id is to get role object by programming . We have explain how to get role id discord and how to get role object from role id . discord can greatly organize using server and servers can organized using channels. We can easily organized one server and hierarchy using the role management. you can easily control what person can do and what not to do using role creation and management. how to choose hierarchical Role color is essential part of role management. you will also find how to give interesting role name.

Using role management you mention the group of people can play this games or list this romantic music and others can not enjoy this facility. So role management is the important factor in discord server management.

how to get discord get role id ?

you can do following procedure to obtain discord get role id from discord server.

  1. Login to discord
  2. Click on gear icon to open user settings
  3. Click on Advance tab in side bard
  4. Under advance tab enable the developer mode
  5. click on server name for which you want to get role id
  6. click on the Server Settings
  7. Click on Roles tab in side bar
  8. At bottom side all roles are listed
  9. click on three vertical dots
  10. Shows you Copy Id

Interesting Role Name list in discord

how to get role id discord ? Explain step by step with figures

Step 1: Login to discord app

System level settings in discord

You have to enable the developer mode to get role id.

For enable developer mode you have to do following steps

Step 1: click on the gear icon to open user settings . you will find gear icon at bottom left corner near you user name.

Step 2: This will open up the user settings section and then click on advanced tab. under the advanced section you will see the dvelper mode. Click on the button at right side to enable the developer mode in discord.

Developer mode enables certain additional information in the Discord client, such as channel and message IDs for your server.

Once this is done that means now you are able to start the procedure to get perform following steps.

Server level settings to get role id in discord

Step 1: Click on the server name for which you want to get role id

Step 2: Click on the server settings section of the sever

click on the server settings section of server

click on the server settings and will show you following screen

how to get discord get role id

Step 3: Click on the Roles section at left side bar

Step 4: Click on the Three dots besides the role name

Step 5: Click on the Copy Id to discord get role id.

This way you can get the discod role id and you can use this for programming if you want to address a single role management.

Now if you want to get role programmaning wise then you can read below swetion.

How to get discord role id using programming ?

Why you should use to get role id pro-grammatically ?

Suppose you write the bot and you want to get role id to change permission of the role at runtime or dynamically. Then in this case you need to access discord role id via programming.

following code will b e helpful to get role id programming in python.

You can use discord.utils.get to loop through Guild.roles and get the role object from roles id

from discord.utils import get

role_id = 526487
role = get(guild.roles, id=role_id)

Now once you get role object from the roleid then you can able to endit the role permission of user at runitime or by doing some programming.

How to get @everyone Role id ?

sometimes we want to get @everyone role id using programming.

client.guilds.fetch('guildID').then(guild => { 
    let id = guild.roles.everyone.id;
    // do something with id

This way you can get all role id from programming . you can get id using code and also you can get id of everyone role in discord.

We have try our level best to give information on role id ,you have more information then please send us.


Role id is the most important when you write bot and when you think ab out changing permission fo th role at runtime. We have written down article on how to discord get role id with various ways.We have mention steps to perform on System level settings and server level settings.

We have also mention how you can get role object pro-grammatically by using the role id and then you can change the role of the permission assign to that role.