discord hide member list (desktop,web and on mobile phone)

We all love discord for hang out with our friends and like to share text, video and images. When we want to chat with friends the normal way is we select the users from user list. sometimes we want to hide the discord hide member list. advantage is that we get the more space in screen for viewing long chatting windows and fit to our screen.

We try to cover three points . how to hide this in discord desktop instance, discord web instance and also on discord mobile phone?

We have discuss these three platform, because discord app have different way to manage to hide list in different platform.

How to hide member list in discord?

Why we should hide member list in discord?

We have to hide member list in discord because of

  1. sometime we need more screen to view messages
  2. We can chat ,or share video and voice with full window.
  3. We can display discord with side by side in window platform by using this we can manage game and discord chat.

To hide the members list in discord you have to check the plateform.

How to hide member list in discord web?

To hide the member list in discord web follow these steps

  1. you have to go server for which you want to hide members
  2. click on the users sign show in the below image and member list will disappear
discord hide member list

How to show list in discord web?

Again click on the same member list icon and your member list will be appear .

To hide or show user list in discord web then you have to click on member list icon .

Usually membership icon appears second in discord web.

How to hide on discord mobile app?

Discord app is also available on discord mobile . To do in discord mobile app then you have to do following steps.

Step 1: In discord mobile app by default the users list will not appear therefore when you want to see the member list of server then you have to click on membership icon shown in figure below .

Step 2: when you click on member list icon then member list will appears.

Step 3: when you want to hide then you just click out side of member list window (means in chat section ). Then the member list will hide.

 hide member list in discord mobile

We have explore these way to hide and UN-hide the members display in mobile phone discord app.

To see a profile of an users or you want to see discord notes then you need the user list.

without user list you cannot click on the the user and you cannot see profile avatar or details.

To deafen or mute the user you need to use this member list.

How to hide on discord desktop app?

hide member list on discord desktop app

Most of the time we use desktop app to do communication over discord. Desktop app is quite convenient to use and it support many other feature.

To hide users list on discord desktop app we have to click on the discord member list right side of pin icon in the app.

When yo click on the icon then list will invisible and you will get more space to type the message and read the messages.

How to show member list on discord desktop app?

you have to click again on the member list icon show in the icon to show members in the server.

in discord DM you can also hide using same way by click on same icon.


We have written down the article on how to hide member list and people get more control and flexibility as far as interface on Windows and iOS . The interface would be even more amazing if you can use discord hide member list on web app or in mobile app or on desktop app.you feel that you will find more space on chat windows side and also on display chatting information.