what is discord hypesquad ? hype house,benefits and roles (complete guide)

discord provides many featurs and programs. among them top program are discord nitro and discord hypesquad.In this article will discus about the what is discord hypesquad? How to join discord hypesquad program . What is the role of each community member will do? which are the type of houses in discord hypesquad? and little FAQ. discord is one the best chatting system for gamers because it provides text to speech and other facility.

what is discord hypesquad ?

what is discord hypesquad?

discord hypersquad is a community program found in early 2016.There are two versions of hypersquad. One is online version and second is offline version.

online Discord Hypesquad is program where members of discord platform can join the rep service. One they join online discord hypesquad then he can participate in events as well as organize the events related to gaming and other social events also.

You can consider Hypesquad members as a ambassadors for discord. Becuase discord in this way participated in hype the talent and share this talent to other members around the world.

There are total three Hypesquad houses. For this when you want to be part of hypesquad then you have to answer several question. Based on answer you will be part of one of the house. hypesquad houses are Bravery ,Brilliance, and Balance.

You are selected for one of the house based on your personality assed throught the question answer.

We will discuss each and every house in detail.

discord hypesquad benefits and roles of member

Hypesquad online community will be divied into three sections

  1. Online Members
  2. Event Attendees
  3. Event Coordinators
  4. Offline Members

What do Online Members of discord Hypesquad Do?

you can be online members but just attending five questions ask when joining the hypesquad. Then you can particpatie in any event or share the hype meetings and events on your social media pages.

If you sign up as an online member, you get these awesome perks:

  • HypeSquad Newsletter
  • HypeSquad Badge which make your friends jelly.
  • House-exclusive Challenges.

What do Event attendee has to do?

Now you can be event attendee where you can raise the event and enjoy chatting ,meeting and make competitions or events with other interested peoples.

you can get following perks:

  • All Online Member perks
  • Events badge for event that you attend
  • A one-time awesome swag pack with an hypesquad T-shirt, pins and stickers and many others.
  • Access to our HypeSquad Event Server

What do Event Coordinators has to do?

Event Coordinators, If you’re on top of your game and are in charge of getting a whole offline LAN, convention, or other video game-related event, we’d love to send out some swag! Remember that this must be an offline event and not on Discord or other online sites. If you apply for Event Coordinator, you can get these sweet perks:

  • All Online Member perks
  • an additional Events badge
  • Access to our HypeSquad Event Server
  • VIP perks for your offline LAN, Convention or event server
  • An awesome package for your event  

How do you get HypeSquad on discord ?

Now the important part is how to get discord hypesquad . The first requirement to get hypesquard is you must be member of discord community.

To join you have to follow steps listed below

Step 1: Login to discord.com

Step 2: Click on Gear icon to go to settings of discord.com

how to reach discord hypesquad

Step 3: This will display you the discord settings screen and scroll down will display hypesquad tab click on that.

Once you will click on the hypesquad then you will find following questions and then if based on your personality hypesquad will assign you the House.

discord hypesquad quiz and questions

you have to go for discord hypesquad quiz. We have listed down the hypesquad questions.

discord hypesquad questions

There are other questions listed below.

Once you answer all the question then based on your personality discord will assigned you to perticular house.

For my case I got House of Bravery

discord hypesquad house of bravery

Types of houses (hype house)

What is hypesquad bravery ?

hypesquad bravery

lead you to lead the charge with confident optimism and tenacity then you answer such a way because answering the question will reflect your personality.

In above question if you select answer as “Help them and don’t worry about the other things you were on your way to.”

What is hypesquad balance ?

hypesquad balance

Initially if you answer the questions which Harmony and poise are necessary to create equilibrium in the universe.. then discord will put you into balance squad and you can create events and participate event with like minded peoples.

for example one question is

“You are on your way out the door to somethig important, but your neighbor says that they need help with something. You:

Now select one of the answer from the following?

  1. Know on your other neighbor’s door and ask them if they can help out in your place.
  2. Apologizes to your neighbor but insist your have something your must get to
  3. Pretend you din’t hear them
  4. Help them and don’t worry about the other things you were on your way to.

If you select “Apologizes to your neighbor but insist your have something your must get to.” then you are part of balance hypesquad.

What is hypesquad brilliance

hypesquad brilliance

Now to become member of hypesquad brilliance you answer in such a way that It shows patience and discipline in your work.

in above question if you answer “Know on your other neighbor’s door and ask them if they can help out in your place.” which shows you can balance your work and neighbor problem then you are put in to brilliance section.

What is the hypesquad application?

The main advantage of hypesquad is you can contact with many users with same mindset . you can develop your courage and intelligence by participating the events.

Frequently ask questions

Does HypeSquad give you nitro?

No ,Hypesquad does not give you nitro. you have to pay for nitro seperately.

How do I join discord HypeSquad on my phone?

No , you cannot join Hypesquad on phone. you just join it with disocrd web app or discord desktop app. you can only able to access the hypesquad on phone.

How to contact hypesquad discord?

you can reach to them via hypesquad@discord.com


We have try to cover What is hypesquad discord ? when you join the houses then what is roles of members. We have also list down the benefits to join hypesquad . you can enjoy to be part of brilliance,bravery house .

Thank you for reading .

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