How to do discord line break or discord new line in chat?

Discord is again a amazing tool when we go for the chatting during game playing. In this article we have try to cover how to discord link break or discord new line command will work. we have discuss how to skip a line in discord and how to perform line break in discord web and mobile app. Discord is one of the leading chatting app provides audio,video and image sharing and text to speech and many other facilities. you can use discord when playing games or listing music. discord provides many hot keys and we have also explain the same.

How to discord line break on discord web

normally if you press enter into chatting window then message will be posted to other user. Simply pressing enter will not solve line break .

To perform discord line break or new line you have press

“Shift + Enter “

In chatting window. This will move your cursor on the next line and it works.

Alternate way to get discord line break

You open the discord editor and then type three times “`(apostroph symbols three times).

then type “` three times and that will change your discord chat window into code editor. This is shown in figure below.

discord line break

This will allows you to use line break without posting message.

Then once you finish editing then remove “` three signs from the beginning and press enter key will send message to your friend.

How to do discord line break in paragraph?

now once your write down full paragraphs and want line break or how to skip a line in discord chating window then just put your cursor at the position where you want paragraph in discord chat window.

Then Hold Shift key and press enter

This command will make line break in paragraph. same approach will work with code editor approach discuss above. Means type three apostrophe “` and convert your chatting widows into code editor . Press simply enter to get new line into discord.

discord line break on mobile phone

We have find out how to get discord line break on mobile phone. To get line break on mobile phone you have to preform following steps.

  1. Open discord app in mobile
  2. perfrom login
  3. Type somethign in chat windows and press button shown in figure.
discord line break in mobile phone

Once you press this key then cursor goes to next line and allow you enter next line in chatting window.

Can I use Shift+ Enter go to next line in cozy and compact mode of discord

Yes you can use the shift+enter to move to next line in cozy and compact mode of discord. This option will works in both the type of theme.

Does shift+Enter provide discord next line on windows ,on MAC or in discord web?

Yes This comand shift +Enter will works for windows application .This also works for MAC computer and also works in discord app.

We have tested it on all these platform.

FAQ: Read more about discord line break

does discord line break done with CTRL+END?

No discord does not provide line break using Ctrl+End. This will move cursor from start to end of the line.

Does simply pressing return move the existing line down?

No simply pressing return key will not allow you to move text down. instead it just post the chat windows message to recipient.

Does shift+Enter works in mobile app?

No shift+Enter does not works in discord mobile app.


We have written down about How to do discord line break or discord new line in chat? we have also explain how to move to next line using shortcut key or hot key. This article also shows you how to move to next line on mobile phone.

Hope this article will useful. Please write comment if anything left to include.