why discord mic too quiet or discord volume too low[Fix]

discord is one of the leading and powerful chatting system. Discord is widely use by gaming ,business and education community. When I was talking with my friends ,I found why are my friends so quiet in discord.why discord mic too quiet? or discord volume too low ? I have dig out the problem and find out the solutions. Discord is one of the widely use for chatting when playing video game. discord also allow to share video, music and images.

Discord also provides many functionality like sharing a screen, debug audio video functionality ,text to speech and allow you to change better themes.

Mic is very quiet in discord

We have here found out why Mic is very quiet in discord? and my friends are speaking and mic is too quiet so i can’t listen them.

Let’s solve this problem.

why discord mic too quiet

Check your device volume

First of all check your machine volume is low or high. if it is low then it might be possible that you can’t hear voice of your friends.

discord mic too quiet if system volume quite

If confirm that your system mic works properly then go for next solution. if your system mic is not working then go for troubleshooting.

if problem is not solved then go for updating the device drivers.

Update your device drivers

you can update your device drivers manually by going to manufacturer website. donwload device drivers and install it in computer.

Secondly you can update device drivers automatically that means go for windows online driver update solutions. This will automatically found out device drivers related to your audio video device.

Second one is preferable to update device drivers automatically.

Check discord mic settings

There are various discord mic settings available.

Dis-allow microphone access if discord too quiet

check out the microphone icon near setting button in discord application if discord too quiet .

if it is looks like shown in figure that means you have not given permission to discord to access mic.

You have to give permission to discord then just follow steps

Click the three dots Chrome menu  on the browser toolbar.

allow discord to access microphone

 just choose the options always allow https://discord.com to access your microphone. This way discord can now able to access your microphone device and transmit and receive voice through mic.

That’s it…you check discord volume is available or not?

check discord mic volume low

Now you have to check that discord microphone icon is one and your system volume is also up and full.

you have to check all the discord voice settings.

Check discord  settings

click on the settings and in following screen click on the voice and Video menu.

Check discord mic settings Mic is very quiet

Now press Let’s Check button and your earphone is check that your earnphone is working fine. if your side is fine then you can listen the beep beep sound.

how to increase mic volume on discord

Now increase your output device sound , so sometime mic will not generate voice because output sound in very low by setting.

Increase output volume in output device settings.

Set output device sound to 100%..

increase mic volume on discord

Run discord as adminstator

Click discord icon given in your task bar and do right click and press quit discord button.

press quit discord

secod step is right-click on the Discord icon and select Run as administrator as shown below

run discord as administrator

Now probably all steps are work it out.

If you listen this sound that means everything is OK at your side.

ask your friend to follow same steps

if you are not able to listen even though the following above steps then you should ask your friends to check their mic and voice is working fine or not?

if everything is fine then you can able to listen your friends.


we have try to solve discord mic too quiet or why are my friends so quiet in discord ? we have listed out all the solutions.

If you feel anything is left let us know by commenting.

Hope your problem will solve by following steps.