discord not opening or discord won’t open :How to Fix (September 2020)

Discord is one of the best chatting tool for gamesrs but sometimes discord won’t open.This article discuss about How to fix discord not opening.If discord won’t open then you should try out the mention steps in this article. If you check out the steps then it will definitely solve the problem.Many times discord stuck on starting and We try to uninstall and install it again but it does not work. We have gone though every small detail so you need not to uninstall discord. If discord update not working then also you check this article.

fix discord not opening Check out that No other discord process is running

when discord not opening then sometimes this happen due to the multiple copies of discord is running and when you open the discord app then it will go into loop and discord wont open.

to check out that multiple copies of discord is running or not then you have to follow the steps mention below.

discord not opening Check out that No other discord process is running
  1. Right click on task bar or press Ctrl+ALT+Delete
  2. Click on Task Manager or press
  3. Check any process name with discord.exe is running?
  4. If running then right click on all processes name discord.exe and press End Task.
  5. Now relaunch discord and updates will work.

Stop your windows defender or any other antivirus program when discord won’t open

Many times when you start your computer then many anti virus and firewall are started. you check that windows defender or windows firewall are not blocking the discord to open.

How to Stop windows defender in your computer or laptop

Windows defender does think that running the discord might harmful to our computer system and that’s why it stop running the discord. To start discord you have to temporarily stop the windows defender program and then once discord started then you can restart the windows defender program.

  1. Open the control panel and search the defender in search box.
  2. open the defender program
  3. Click on the last option that “Tools”
  4. click on the options in Tools section
  5. will show you following screen click on the administrator and then unchecked the check box “Use this program”. This will disable the defender as shown in figure.
discord not opening then Stop windows defender

once windows defender will be stop then start running discord and most of the time it will start working.

How to stop windows firewall program

It might be possible that windwos firewall does not alllow you to start running discord and communicate with other so you can stop the firewall program.

To stop the firewall program you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open windows control panel
  2. Click on windows firewall will display you the following screen and then click on Turn windows firewall on or Off
off windows firewall
discord won't open then off the windows firewall

once you turn off windows firewall then start discord and you will see the discord program will start working.

Clear the App data and Cache of discord when discord stuck on starting

This section will explain that it might be possible that discord stuck on starting and won’t open up then you should try out three different methods.

First clear all temporary files

It might be possible that due to temporary files it might be happen that discord won’t start and stuck on openning. To clear all the temporary files you have to follow the metion steps.

  1. Press Windows+R
  2. type %appdata%
  3. Will display you the all the tempoary files created by all program .
  4. Selecte all files and press shift+Delete that will delete all the Files.
  5. Then start the discord and discord will run.

Clear all the discord Cache file

Sometimes caching will create problem because cache memory getting full and does not allow discord to run. It might be possible that discord reading data from cache file and those cache files are corrupted.

So you have to clear all cache and restart the discord.

To clear all cache files of discord program you have to simply follow the mention steps.

  1. Press Window+R
  2. and then write %appdata%/discord/cache.
  3. That will open C:\Users\win7\AppData\Roaming\discord\Cache
Clear all the discord Cache file

and then path which will show you the following screen. This folder contains many cache files.You have to delete these cache files.

The restart the discord and discord start working.

Disable the discord update will solve discord not opening problem

sometimes update.exe of discord will run and that will be the main cause of discord not opening.

When you run as administrator and idea will not work then you just want to run your discord client. In this case you have to break discord stuck updating section then you just try this solution .

rename the discord update launcher

You have to rename the discord update launcher file from update.exe to update_old.exe and then start discord again.

Discord will start running.

Check Network connection when discord not opening

sometimes due to network connection discord isn’t opening. you have to check your wifi working fine or internet is working file.

To know you check google.com showing correct page means your internet is working.

But sometimes proxy will block the discord to open and how to configure proxy so that discord work file.

  1. Right click on contorl panel
  2. click on view network status and task under the network and Internet.
  3. click on network and Internet.

6. Open and Run Discord in Windows Compatible mode

Many time discord does not find compatible versions to open. so you have to change the windows into compatible version. To change the normal windows mode to compatible mode you have to do following settings.

To open discord in windows compatible mode you have to do following steps.

  1. Right click on discord Icon
  2. Click on properties
  1. Go to compatible tab

now check on run this program in compatible mode for and select the compatible mode section. I have selected Windows XP(service pack 3).

Now run discord again and check for update will definitely solve discord update failed loop. Still if your discord update loop then re install the discord app.

Reinstall the discord on windows 10 if discord not opening

Finally if any of the above options not working then download discord from discord.com and re install.

List of software prevent discord from opening

  1. Sonic Studio
  2. Antivirus


We have written down many techniques those will work if discord not opening or discord won’t open in windows 10 or windows 7. We have explain how to clear appdata, cache and how to open the discord in windows compatible mode. We have also suggest that stop the defender or any other antivirus before opening the discord.If you implement these techniques you will find that discord works fine.