how to use discord notes 2021 (all about notes)

Discord provides one small functionality and that is discord notes. We sometime think about what is the importance of notes and how to use this feature in fruitful way. We have also address the problem how to use discord notes in discord server so all users of the server can able to watch the notes written by admin. discord notes feature is best way to remember details about user and we have also describe many reasons why you should use this feature. how many notes you can create using discord profile notes and how many words are allowed.

how to use discord notes

Step 1: Click on the discord server

Step 2: Click on the user name for which you want to enter note

Step 3: Which will display you the user information which have “click to add a note” section

Step 4: Click on the “Click to Add a note” section and add note about that user.

how to add discord notes

We have written down how to use discord note for the users.

Why we should use discord notes as discord profile notes?

When we start using discord then we think about that why should we use discord note. We always think about the There are various reasons to use notes. With our experience we have found out the following reasons to use discord notes.

  1. People are frequently changing their name and you cannot remember to whom you are talking about
  2. You know real name of the person and then he change his name in discord server then you are unable to know to whom you are talking with.
  3. Sometimes you want to tell some users as a instruction and you forgot to tell him … after the chat you can write down it in notes section of that perticualr user then later on will be useful in next meeting.
  4. You can also use this note for the to record the user to whom you meet apart from discord.
  5. you can also remember the name of the users across the server by adding the notes.
  6. Its easy to remember the group of people by using discord notes …………..for example you have group of friends then you can give “Friendslove” note in the note section. another group is for the “collegeage ” section then you can write “colleagefriends” in note section so that you can easily identify them.
  7. As a moderator you can also write down people’s preferred name and any other details about that person
  8. As a moderator you can also write down you had any issues with some users.
  9. you can also keep track of email address and personal information about users.
  10. Some people also write people’s birthdays to remember.

are discord notes private or public for other users or servers?

Simply answer is discord notes private means user who has enter the note only can read and it is note visible to other person on same server or on other server .

This is the general question will raise by most of us who are using note in discord , therefor are discord notes private or public to other users or servers?

Discord says note are created only local to user and storing information about the other persons.

There is no ways where you will create notes in server and all other persons in server can view that notes

There is no ways where you create notes for friends and other persons can modify or change it out.

How many characters you can enter in note?

Maximum 256 characters you can enter into discord note .

How many notes one can create in discord profile?

Maximum you can able to create 500 notes per discord profile. means in one account limit is 500 notes among all your servers.

Can I able to create note for server which is readable to all users.

No discord does not support this feature that , one note create on server can be visible to all the users comes under that server.

you can use tag to write your custom message.


We have written down article on how to use discord note and various ways to use note features in discord . We have also try to cover the are discord notes private or public to other users or servers. We have cover the limit of notes and maximum number of characters per note.

Hope you enjoy this article.

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