discord pin limit and how to increase discord 50 pin limit ?

Discord provides many important features like chatting and sharing video and music with your love ones and friends. Now when you chat with friends , you will found many messages very useful. To access this type of useful messages in future you just pin these messages. Discord pin limit will reach out when you pin more than 50 in channel. We have discuss what is the discord pin limit in channel and servers and in DMs . We have also written down the pin limit you get after buying discord nitro. In this article we solve the issue How to increase discord pin limit from 50 to 4000 with example. We have written article how to bypass discord 2000 character limit

Pin the messages is very important because it is just one kind of filter in flood of messages . Discord allows very less numbers of pin limit.Is there a limit to pins on discord? this is obvious question will ask.

discord pin limit exceed

What is discord pin limit in discord channel and DM?

Discord pin limit is 50 for discord channel and discord DM (direct messaging group).

pin has made for messages with mind that to bifurcation the important message from non important messages.

Discord pin does made for the saving the messages and in future you will use this messages. We think only that is the reason that discord does not allow to pin more than 50 messages in channel.

Why should we Pin message in discord?

We should pin the messages because we can find the messages very fast as I mention to prioritize the important message from non important messages.

Can you pin multiple messages on discord?

Yes yo can pin multiple messages on discord.

Steps to see multiple pin messages.

Step 1: you click on the message and then click on the pin message in chat section.

Step 2: We can see multiple message by click on pin icon in header

Step 3: You will able to see messages which are pinned.

Step 4: if you want to see multiple pin messages then scroll down pin section.

How to increase discord pin limit in discord channel and DM ?

sometimes by using discord pin limit we got frustrated because we utilize the limit which is is 50 by simply in first few conversation. There is is deliberate need that discord should increase the upper bound and by using this we can pin at least 500 messages per channel.

In this section we demonstrator how to use bot to overcome or increase discord in channel and DM.

install passel bot

Go to invite passel bot and then add passel bot into discord.once it is added then click on the server it will display same as display in following figure.

invite passel bot in discord

Steps to install passel and increase pin limit messages

Step 1: Create one another channel and name it to pins. Now that channel is visible under your server.

Step 2: Write down p.setup 1 #pins command in discord chat box. Once you will write then following screen will be visible which says setup complete.

step passel bot

Step 3: No message will appear until the pin messages in your main channel will exceed to 50 messages. as and when you exceed to 50 messages in main channel then this bot will start transfer the pin messages in to another channel .

Step 4: You have mention #pins channel in command then after 50 messages bot will transfer 51th message in to pin section of #pin channel.

No pin messages in new channel

Step 5: once all messages you pin in general channel will exceed 50 pin message then onward pin messages will be transfer to pins channel. so you pin any number of messages and all pin messages will display in chat section of pins channel as showing below figure.

overcome discord pin limit and save unlimited messages

This way you can save all your pin message in to one channel to another channel and keep and save it with you .

In this way you can get all pin messages into new channel and this appproch will solve your problem.


We have mention discord pin limit in channel as well as on discord DM . We have also mention how to pin multiple messages in discord. We have also explore that How to increase discord pin limit in discord channel and DM. pining message is most important because some of the messages are more important then other But discord does not allow to save more more than 50 messages in pin section . We have written down how to increase pin limit in discord.using this you can pin unlimited messages.

Hope this will be useful to you.