will discord pwa support is there?

Discord pwa support is available or not…let’s explore. when you learn about discord , you will feel like how to chat with and how to share music or text or photos with friends. The basic use of discord app is to allow to chat with friend when playing games. Playing game is just not passing the time but indeed it is passion.

Discord proves server and channel to group out the people and interest , also it provides deafen and mutes functionality to stop get use input.

When you play game and chatting with your friends mean time gives immense pleasure to each other. Discord provides many text to speech and other interesting functionalities. using text to speech discord engine will speak for you.

you cann’t access discord when you don’t have discord app installed into computer or mobile phone. you feel that how can I aceces sthe discord .

will discord support discord pwa ?

discord pwa

No, Right now discord does not support discord pwa (progressive web application).

To understand this you have to think about how progressive web application works and how it will useful.

Why should discord lauch pwa discord interface and how you benefited.

What do PWA mean?

PWA means progressive web application.

this PWA will from of two words progressive and second is web application.

If any app is impelemted with PWA then it possess following characteriestic .

Responsive: Page should be adjust size with different screen sizes (e.g. phone, tablet, desktop)

Connectivity independent: App can works without internet connectivity.

App-like-interactions: Actually it is web application but ti look like app feeling when you will use it.

Fresh: Even sometime not connected with internet still data should be up to date.

Safe: Utilize secure connection to mitigate multiple types of security threats

Discover able: Browsers identify PWAs automatically

Re-engageable: Can bring users back to the app using, for example, Push Notifications

Installable: Can be stored to the home screen just like native apps but without the extra hassle of the App Store

Linkable: Can be shared around as plain URLs.

For the reader of this blog post the most important functionalities are:

  • Install to the home screen
  • Access to multiple native APIs such as camera, geo-location, vibration, payments etc.
  • Support for Push Notifications
  • Offline usage
  • Full screen and splash screen support

if any app comes with above characteristic then it call progressive web application

Which companies use PWA supported web site?

The most famous example of PWAs is the Twitter’s PWA version called Twitter Lite (try it with Android or desktop at mobile.twitter.com). Twitter has also published their reasoning behind building the PWA version.

Twitter says average load time si comparative low then native app. when compare with native app the average load time is 30% less.

This all are the best example of PWA supported website site , now you can go there and check how ti works and how fanststic feeling we get by using this pwa supported app.

How to attend PWA like feel with discord.

Discord have web applicaiton , its name is discord web.

This discord web provies all the characteristinc of discord PWA interface.

Some times when you does not have laptop with you or Mobile phone with you then you can use discord web app from chrome browser.

To access discord Web you can follow the following steps

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Type discord.com/app
  3. Enter user name and password pof discord app
  4. and boom …you can start using discord.

When discord implement pwa functionalty?

As soon as discord will implement we will let you know thorough this page.

Which are the browser support discord pwa?

Mean while when using this discord pwa app then you first check whether you browser is supported with pwa feature of not . website provides PWA support then also you are not able to load it in un supported browser.

Sow e have list down that which are the browser support pwa feature.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Apple Safari
  3. Firefox for Android
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Firefox for desktop does not support it


discord web app or discord application does not support discord pwa feature. but Most the users are satisfied with web version of discord . We have list out some of the basic features of PWA and which are the browser support this functionality.

Hope you like this article.