discord role names and cool discord role ideas

discord is one of the best platform for chatting . Discord is widely used by gamer to communicate when playing game. In discord you can assign discord role names to user. we have written down role names and also suggest discord role ideas. There are two discord default role @everyone and server owner.We have go through many discord servers and find out role names and ideas. we have also written down article on funny discord text to speech lines.

Hope you enjoy this role names and ideas.

discord role names or discord role ideas

discord role names

We have written down many names which you should use to create role. discord provides you hierarchical structure so that you start from top person to downgrade the roles and name it out. discord also suggest many idea for discord role names.

Role with top level have more control then lower in the level. We have identified many such kind of discord role names and we suggest discord role ideas.

Most common discord role names or discord role ideas

  1. President
  2. Director
  3. Technical administrator
  4. Server manager
  5. Lead advisor
  6. Community advisor
  7. Event co-coordinator
  8. modder
  9. designer
  10. senior administrator
  11. Junior administrator
  12. squad administrator
  13. legend
  14. veteran
  15. Elite supporter
  16. premium supporters
  17. Basic supporter
  18. Members

Rank wise military persons name

  • Wing commander
  • First Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General

office style role names ideas

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  3. Head Admin
  4. Officer
  5. workers
  6. service person
  7. visitor

Membership style role names

  1. VIP
  2. VVIP
  3. MVIP (Most VIP)
  4. MVVIP
  5. Golden
  6. Bronze
  7. Silver

funny discord role names

We have listed down funny discord role names which is quite funny .

  1. spiderman
  2. Jack Sparrow
  3. Forrest Gump
  4. Forrest spider
  5. Anaconda (servername)
  6. Snack catchers
  7. leopard
  8. eagle eye head
  9. eagle eye junior
  10. king
  11. Queen
  12. forest junior
  13. forest hunter
  14. zero tow
  15. lynxie
  16. roudy
  17. plus sized women
  18. dolo
  19. divine
  20. dead on arrival
  21. imbalance

family hierarchy role names

  1. Head of familiy
  2. wife
  3. sisters
  4. brother
  5. kids (members)

other general role name you can consider

  1. noctember
  2. nolaria
  3. rhyzhe
  4. romie
  5. soo
  6. ayyltskoen
  7. cat
  8. ceral
  9. historia
  10. luffaren
  11. mustard

We have written down discord role names and suggest discord role ideas .

Hope you like it and tell us more in comment section.