Discord Rythm Bot Not Working or rythm bot offline(8 Ways to fix)

When we think about the music bot then we think one of the most popular music bot is rythm. you can play song from most popular sources, including Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and more media online playforms. When we think about how to install rythm bot and We have describe how to install rythm bot and command guide. After installing the rythm bot , you will find that sometime Rythm bot is not working or why is rythm bot offline. We have written down this article to solve this problem that How to solve if Discord Rythm bot not working. Most of the problem that we have face while using Rythm bot not working is explain in this article.We have also written article on Best discord music bots with features and comparison.

why Discord Rythm Bot Not Working ?

We have many way to solve this problem that why discord rythm bot not working and rythm bot no sound. This includes many point including checking out have you mute or deafen the channel or check your browser is not given permission to access the microphone or any other output device. you can also check discord sound settings are ok and working , therefore we have explain how to check discord sound settings to access rythm bot.

Check rythm bot is not server muted or server deafen

when you find rythm bot no sound, Very first thing is you have to check out that voice channel with which you have join is not server muted or server deafen. sometimes we make the server muted or server deafen so that no one will disturb us for moments and then after we forgot to unmute or undeafen the channel.

So how to check whether channel is deafen or mute or not?

you just follow following steps:

Step 1: click on the voice channel

Step 2: click on your username avaialble under voice channel

Discord Rythm Bot Not Working then check server mute or server Deafen is not checked

Step 3: Unchecked Server mute or server deafen

Now try to listen the music by playing following command in command box.

!play url

disconnect from voice channel and reconnect if Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

when Discord Rythm Bot Not Working then one of the simple option is just disconnect from voice channel and reconnect the voice channel again. sometimes due to connection problem voice is not comes in your headphone. try out this option and check it will work or not

There are various discord mic settings available.

allow microphone access in chrome browser

verify that mic button near your username in discord is not in mute position if it is then please unmute it.

Now if everything is fine then you probably check that microphone does not have permissionin your chrome browser. This is require so that discord can access microphone and voice coming from rythm bot is coming to your microphone.

You have to give permission to discord then just follow steps

Now you can allow the microphone to discord by clicking radio button near “Always allow https://discord.com to access your microphone” and allow the rythm bot to access microphone.

allow discord to access microphone by clicking chrome popup  to solve Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

 just choose the options always allow https://discord.com to access your microphone. This way discord can now able to access your microphone device and transmit and receive voice through mic.

check discord volume is working or not

Now you have to check that discord microphone icon is one and your system volume is also up and full.

you have to check all the discord voice settings.

Check discord  settings

click on the settings and in following screen click on the voice and Video menu.

Check discord mic settings when Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

Now press Let’s Check button and your earphone is check that your earn phone is working fine. This mic test or voice testing you can check with when you speak in mic then microphone will give you back in speaker. If you hear your input voice to output speaker then voice is working fine.

you also check input device and output device.

check rythm role in discord server settings if Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

check and make sure Rythm has the permissions to read and send messages in the channel. This is ensure by giving administrator permission to rythm by following way.

Step 1: Go to server settings

Step 2: Click on roles and then click on rythm bot name written under roles

Step 3: Then click on the permission where you turn on the administrator permission . By enabling the administrator permission you can enable that user can send and receive message on rythm bot.

Verify the Rythm’s prefix

sometime we have change the default prefix used by rythm. Normally rythm uses !play so exclamation as prefix. so when you want to play a song you write

!play song url

but if the prefix is changed then Discord Rythm Bot Not Working. so what you need to do is change the prefix to !(exclamation ) .

How to verify Rythm’s prefix

How to veiryf the rythm’s prefix you have to write @rythm in the chat box will show you the which is the current prefix used by rythm bot discord.

as shown in above picture prefix is !(exclamation ). so when you want to play any command of discord rythm bot then you can use ! sign before command.

How to change rythm’s prefix tag discord

To change then prefix of rythm bot you need to write following command.

  • to change prefix you must have either the Administrator permission or Manage Server permissions .
  • Be sure to not include the brackets (<>/[]/{}) when setting the prefix, as they’ll become part of the prefix.

command to change ryhtm prefix

If the current rythm’s prefix is ! and you want to change it to &, as as prefix then do following
!settings prefix &

for more information on prefix problem you can visit rythm’s prefix section

check rythm bot offline

We have last option to check out the why is rythm bot offline ? To check rythm bot offline you to write following command in chat box.


when you write this command then if rythm bot is online then it will respond with following message.

check rythm bot offline

if discord return this means discord server is working and no prblem with rythm discord server.