discord static sound or noise voice audio (fix with 4 steps)

sometime working with discord we have find out that there is constant erritating discord static sound comes. This sound is comes from discord mic static sound. We normally think about that our mic is not working properly but we find that my mic is working fine with other software. We have discuss all the possible solutions how to fix discord static sound problem. you can also check why my mic is too quite

1. Plugin and unplug the mic to overcome discord static sound

We find that this solution is quite helpful. When you get constant static erritating sound in every discord channel that is because of your usb connection is not at par.

Just remove the mic connection and replug the mic again with your comuter or latpop. Then recheck did you get the same static voice.

2.Enable discord noise reduction to reduce static sound

Sometime during call you will find the noise and because of that noise you will find that discord static sound will comes in your headphone.

To do some noise reduction at discord. you have to perform following steps.

  1. Open the discord
  2. Go to settings
  3. click on the Voice and Video
  4. under video processing tab ,you have to enable the noise reduction.
try noise reduction in discord to avoid discord static sound noise.

This way will automatically remove noise from your voice you are getting. discord mic static sound will surely stop .

3. Check voice settings in discord

you could think about changing the input device setting . To change the input device setting go to settings and click on the voice and audio. Then you can change the input device selection.

check voice settings in discord to overcome discord static sound

sometimes due to input device selection you can feel discord static mic disruppted and feel discord static voice . Just select multiple input device and try out with this . Most of the time there is default but you can check sound activity by pressing the check sound button.

This settings will surely change the input mic functionality and you will overcome the noise comes from discord.

4. Try out the discord web in browser

It is also possible that your discord client does not woring properly and some dll or libraries will be gone out due to virus or other stuff.

you should just try to login with discord web on web browser and check that the same sound you might heard even after using discord on web.

if you find that there no static audio then you just reinstall your discord desktop instance.

5. Try another headset

One option is try another headset and check that your existing headset is not faulty.

Most of the time you use the headest and test it with other software . you will not find any problem then your headset is all right.

But still if you have another headset then try to use this and check that noise problem is still exist or not exist.\

if same problem exist then you finally try out following solution.

6. Reinstall discord to avoid static sound

Sometime due to bug discord cannot function well and due to it you will continuesoly listen the noise in your voice channel.

so download the fresh copy of discord and try to reinstall the discord . This will solve your problem.

7. Restart you computer or laptop

finally just restart your computer and launch discord again. This options is last but not least because sometime you will find that library required for discord is not loading properly will create this problem.

Once you restart and start discord again you will find that discord static sound will not heard and you will enjoy your gaming.


We have discuss various solution for the how to overcome the problem of discord static sound comes in discord channel. This sound is very irritating. We have discuss several solution will surely solve this problem. We have discuss to solve this problem you have to do some settings . Even the problem not solved then you have to working out on some alternatives that we have discuss.