famous hindi comedy serials

Tarek mehta Ka oltha chasma:

The main character in this television serial is Tarekh Mehta. Tarek Mehta always ready to helps his close friend Jethalal. Whenever Jethalal faces any significant problems at that time, Tarek Mehta gives proper guidance and resolves the issue.

The Popatlal always express negative thoughts and still use the negative word “cancel” in his sentences. He also speaks that. You must cancel all this thing now. Whenever he starts the negative conversation and use “cancel” word that time television audience can’t stop their laughing

   This television serial mainly focuses on Unity that each family belongs to different culture, region, language , but all are living together happily in society. When any family face some problem that time each member of the society help that family.

       The title song of this serial gives the profound message that everybody has some problems in their life so you should try to change your viewpoint regarding the issue and that will become the solution of that problem in your life.


FIR television comedy serial mainly focus on the matter that which type of natural laugh and comedy happened in the police station. The lady inspector name as “Chandramukhi Chautala.” capable of solving any case and her role and bold acting also proves Woman empowerment.

Shrimaan Shrimati

Shrimaan Shrimati television serial which built on the plot of love the neighbour’s wife. Keshav Kulkarni is married to Kokila, and their neighbour’s name as “Prema Shalini is a film actress and her effeminate husband name as Dilruba. The other comedy characters in this serial are chintu( son of Keshav and kokila ), Mr Sharma ( Keshav Kulkarni boss)

                        It is something new issue arise in each episode and Keshav Kulkarni always ready for help to his beautiful movie actress Prema Shalini.

                There are many television shows in which all the characters are doing overacting. So television audience does not like much overacting, but all the main character’s acting creates natural laugh and fun in this comedy serial.