features of computer

Computer input devices

It is the wrong thing that many people compare computer with human and telling that computer work same like as a human. Computer is one type of machine. It can work according to the command given by the computer user.


The design of the keyboard mostly same in all type of Keyboard.The use of the equipment for entering text, numbers, special characters. The primary essential purpose of the Keyboard is deliver data into the computer system and special keys for giving instructions and command. It mostly comes with 101 keys, but some keyboard also comes with more than 101 keys and new key perform many advance function in the computer system

Mouse :

It is sometimes complicated to give input command by the keyboard, so the mouse is a  pointing device that is useful for providing input command in the computer. The movement of the mouse appears on the screen of the computer.  


The scanner can input the picture, painting, text into the computer system without typing. The source of the light through the text, figure, and then all the information converted into digital form. There are different types of scanner available in the market, and people buy according to their requirements.


If you want to record your sound while making the video or for some other use, then you must require to attach the microphone with your computer.

             There is a various brand microphone available in the market, and it comes with low price and high price, but the cost of the microphone depends upon quality.

Barcode Reader:

This device used in many places like educational institutes, banks, malls, supermarkets. This device read the code and stored all the information related to code in the computer. For example, when we are buying any product from the supermarket at that time, the cashier uses this device and reads the product ‘s code that he get all information related to the product like price, brand, product name, etc. all information.

Joystick and gamepad

Joystick widely used for playing games on the computer. There are many types of actions required, like Run, jump, fire, etc. These type of activities quickly done with the use of Joystick, gamepad.

If you are using the joystick, gamepad, then it will give you the best experience compared to the keyboard.

Computer output devices


When the computer user enters data using input devices, then processor of the computer process that data and finally present output data on the screen of the computer so monitor is one of the most famous output devices. The monitor can present all the text information, movie, animation, etc. type of output on the monitor’s screen.There are two types of monitor available in the market

1) Cathode -Re-Tube

2) Liquid crystal display(LCD)

Printer :

If the computer user wants to get monitor screen text, figure, graphs on a paper, then it will make it possible with the help of printer output devices.

                 Nowadays you can see at all places like educational institutes, offices, shops, malls, etc., many places.


Plotter widely used for printing large size maps, graphs, plots. Plotter like the same as the printer but it can use for printing large size paper.


When you are watching the movie or playing games on the computer, that time output of sound gets from the speaker output devices. speaker attach with the sound card which is in the computer

Storage devices:

Floopy disk :

Floppy disk is available at low prices in the market. The floppy disc makes read-only with the use of special. Instructions so that read-only floppy disk use for reading purposes only and not to add more data in the floppy disk.

Hard disk :

It can fix permanently in the computer system. The hard disk can store a lot of data so that the storage capacity measure in GB. 


Pendrive mainly uses storing the data, and it can also primarily use for the transfer the data from one computer to another computer. 

The pendrive brand name, price. Storage capacity etc. points taken into consideration while buying new pendrive.

Digital camera :

The digital camera can attach to the computer system and transfer of the camera photographs to the computer.

Web camera :

It can also attach to the computer system and widely used for the conversation between the two people.

Mobile phone :

The mobile phone device can attach to the computer and then download the latest movie songs, latest ringtone, etc. from the computer to the mobile phone.

On the other hand, the images, photographs which store on the mobile phone can transfer to the computer.