Flipkart Affiliate Program : Best Way to earn lots of money (January 2020)

Welcome to my blog post on Flipkart affiliate program run by Flipkart.com. Hey my simple question to you is do you want to make lots of money from your website? If answer is yes then you are at right place. We will introduce you in the world of Flipkart Affiliate marketing program . affiliate marketing Flipkart program will turn your website into money making machine.

Keep it with us.

spending your time with us you can able to learn following

  • What is Flipkart affiliate Program ?
  • How to join Flipkart affiliate Program ?
  • How to do flipkart affiliate sign up and Flipkart affiliate program login ?
  • What is the Flipkart Affiliate Commission rate?
  • What is Flipkart Affiliate commission limit?

What is Flipkart affiliate Program ?

First you need to understand affiliate marketing .

what do you mean by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means one company like flipkart running its website for selling the product . Another person like you running website to give information about product or writing review or teaching how to cook food for your wife. lol.

Now one day, you think about how could I earn money from traffic which I get on my website?

simple answer is join affiliation program. You join the flipkart affiliate marketing . Now flipkart gives you links ,poster or banner which you have to one small part of our website and that’s all.

If user visting your website goes to flipkart and do some shopping then You will earn 2% to 9% commission on transaction amount.

Now Flipkart has started its affiliate program from 2007 and other website join flipkart affiliate program. When user of affiliate website move on flipkart and do some purchase then affiliate website earn commission.

ok, So now how to join flipkart affiliation program or become flipkart affiliate?

How to join Flipkart affiliate Program ?

Very simple,

type flipkart affiliate in google and move to flipkart affiliate website

and click on Flipkart affiliate program and you will move to informational page of flipkart affiliate. now you are ready to join the program. on this page you will find the testimonial of affiliate , flipkart affiliate marketing commission,flipkart affiliate marketing program in India etc.

Flipkart affiliate sign up

click on Join now for free and you will be redirected to link for flipkart affiliate registration.

As shown in image above start filling out form for registration.

Step 1: Enter Email id which is username and on same email id you will receive OTP (one time password) .

Step 2: Check out your email you will receive OTP in email received from flipkart.com

Step 3: Enter OTP into textbox at number three.

Step 4: Select country Code and enter mobile number. you will received OTP on that mobile number. Enter received OTP in text box number five.

Step 5: Enter password for flipkart affiliate registration and re confirm it.

Step 6: press the Register button.

Step 7: If all information entered is correct then system leads you to the next page where you have to choose your affiliate id .

Step 8: Enter tracking id in text box and press verify . here customer tracking id is also called affiliation id which you have to append after each flipkart product URL in your website.

e.g. your tracking id is : ozonprice then your affiliate url on your website become www.flipkart.com?affid=ozonprice.

In this way Flipkart will track you that this request comes from website ozonprice.com

fill out all the detail regarding your website. There are total four parts

1. Personal Details

In This section you have to fill details about you like firstname, lastname, contact number , email id and city.

Before start filling collect all details require to fill the form.

2. Website Details

In website details section you have to enter details about your website like purpose of the website, your niche, monthly visitors. your website is website or app etc. Flipkart will review your website and gives you thumbs up then you can start working with remaining two section.

3. Payment details and Account setting

In this section you have to specifiy your payment details like bank account number , IFSC code etc. when your commission will reach beyond thresold value then flikpkart will transfer amount to your account. To delete flipkart affiliate account probably you don’t need this , you have to go to account setting tab. save all the information.

Once you complete the procedure you can do sign-in using flipkart affiliate sign in page

Affiliate Flipkart Commission rate

Now, Once your account is establish then you can do flipkart affiliate login using flipkart affiliate login account link.

Now you get the banners and ads by visiting Flipkart affiliate tools section where flipkart list down the banners and custom advertisement.you can also use Flipkart affiliate bookmarklet. This bookmarklet will installed in chrome and give flexibility to affiliate to generate affiliate link by visiting flipkart website. Flipkart affiliate api is also available to get price and description of the product using api. for using api you have to first learn about computer programming languages.

you have to select advertisement and code will display . Simply copy that code put it in you website where you want to display ads. when visitors of your website will click on this advertisement then he/she will be redirected to flipkart.com. If your visitor by item from flipkart then you earn as per flipkart affiliate marketing commission rate which is discuss below.

Flipkart Affiliate rates is display on Flipkart commission rate. you can also sometime get mail on flipkart affiliate from flipkart team.

finally, for any query you can shoot out mail to flipkart customer care email address by visiting flipkart affiliate contact page.

Flipkart does not allow you to withdraw earned commision immediately or monthly basis.

flipkart affiliate commission limit is threshold set by you. Normally allow to withdraw money after your affiliate commission is increase from Rs.2500

How to generate Flipkart Affiliate URL ?

Now, We are reached to final section of the topic and that is how to generate flipkart affiliate url ? To create flipkart affiliate link you need to go under various methods.

  1. Push Content Widget
  2. BookMarklet Widget
  3. Promotional Widget
  4. Promotional Banner
  5. Product Link And Banners

We will explore each and every section in detail.

1. Push Content Widget

now you just click on push content widget and select box size , vertical or horizontal widget , prefer to your website look.

you should read the article where to place advertisement to get better result.

you just don’t worry about anything flipkart will take care for your affiliation.

2. BookMarklet Widget

The best flipkart affiliate link generator is bookmarklet widget , where with very small effort you can generate the link.

I will show you how to do it. first click on bookmarklet widget and it will show you following screen

open the flipkart.com and click on any product page. now drag and drop the flipkart affiliate bookmarklet button in bookmark tab of chrome or Mozilla browser.

Then you again click on product page and click on bookmarklet bookmark link.

once you finish this step then press add to URL button will add affiliate id into url . you just verify it first. once you get this URL with affiliate id then you just paste into your website to get affiliate lead.

promotional Widget and banners are generated similar way to push content.

3. Product link and banners generation

This section allows you to generate links and banner as per your choice means if you want to generate link and banners for particulate product or products of particular category .

Just enter product name and select category and press search will display you list of product will link and banners .

Click on link or banner to get code and paste code into your website to get flipkart affiliate leads.

for example I am showing you following figure.

Now this section is over and one more thing I want to highlight and that is if you want to download all links of all products under one category then press download and select category and then press download .

This step will submit your request to flipkart and gives you all the product link under one category. so you can write program to embed links into your website.

Flipkart Affiliate API

Now, I will show you one simple way to get product price, product review,brand name, specification etc using flipkart affiliate api programming.

I am teaching you how to use flipkart affiliate api ?

To use this method you need to learn about php or java programming. This is best way to get all product details by passing flipkart product Id.

Steps to use flipkart affiliate aips:

Step 1: use flipkart affiliate login page to login into your account.

Step 2: Click on API section at the left side of account dashboard

Step 3: click on API documentation under API tree.

Step 4: Click on Registration link which leads you to flipkart API affiliate registration page.

Step 5: move to API token by following this link

Step 6: This will show you following screen.

Now press Generate API token button. This will generate Token in box under Token box.Now only one token value is permitted if you will create second token then first will be deleted.

Now generate response code by viewing following example

write following url in curl call

https://affiliate-api.flipkart.net/affiliate/api/<your affiliateid>.json

for example my affiliate id is : wowflip then my url become


This call will return following response

Title of the product , Price of the product, Description of the product, category of the product(e.g. Computer, computer peripherals).

Other API also shows EMI available or not , Free transport available or not etc.

That’s all about how to use flipkart affiliate API.


In this section people ask me questions in email or in comment. I have try to cover few questions.

how to earn money from flipkart affiliate ?

Simple answer to this question is improve content of your website . Good quality content will bring nice traffic on your website and in turn you can earn money from affiliate program. My prefer advice is work on niche website.

how to verify flipkart affiliate account ?

Once you follow the steps expain in above article you will receive mail from flipkart affiliate team. they will grant flipkart affiliation to you and also gives link to you to access your account.

How to much traffic I need to earn 50000 Ruppes from flipkart affiliate marketing program ?

I have seen many sites shows you flipkart affiliate tricks to earn lots of money like Rs. 50000 or more in month. Be frank with you you have to work hard and create content and improve reputation of your website then only you can earn 50000. Online business are long term business.

Does Flipkart Pay for clicks?

No, Flipkart does not pay for clicks. When use click on advertisement and reach to flipkart and do some shopping then you will get commission based on transaction amount.

Can I use Flipkart Affiliate with Google Adsense program?

You can use flipkart or other affiliate program along with Google Adsense program. till this date When I am writing this article Google allows affiliate advertisements along with google adsense.

Try to monetize your website with Google adsense and Affiliate programs.

what is the meaning of mail from flipkart affiliate team?

“Dear Affiliate Partner, ‚Äč
Kindly note that we haven’t allocated any earning referral fees for July’18 to this account hence request to pause your campaigns this month.
Please be informed commissions earned in the month of July’18 is not liable for payment.
Thanks & Regards,
Flipkart Affiliate Team”

We just have only one answer is account is not pause. Affiliate account is on and working.


With above article we have try to elaborate you about What is flipkart affiliate? How to join program , commission rate and most important how to get product banners ,links and use of API .