what is game optimizing service? :all you need to know (November 2020)

Game optimizing service

There are many game optimizing service apps are available.We will discuss which are the apps available and how it will be useful? Many company like samsung will have its own samsung game optimizing service apps comes built in with new mobile phone.

what is game optimizing service?

Game optimizing service app provides you facility to optimize the resources of your mobile phone when you are playing game. This apps will optimize RAM,Processor and other resources.you can play game without lagging and interruptions.

once you install the app and active it then this app will automatically adjust resources required for game playing. Game optimizing service app will stop all non essential services in mobile phone when you are playing game.

Many apps also provides screen sharing and don’t display any notification received on your mobile phone when playing games.

samsung optimizing service app will provide you lock the screen,screen sharing,pop up lock and no setting options. you have to select which game you want to play and accordingly game optimizwer will adjust the resources and save battery life etc.

Which are the best Game Booster Apps for Android ?

We find serveral apps are optimizing service apps and we love following

  1. Samsung game optimizing service
    This app will work with Samsung android phone and provide many functionality like battery consumption,Ram consumption etc. you can download this app
  2. Smart Game Booster-This app widely used for gaming optimizing and provides good resolution setting options and battery consumption control options.
  3. Game booster 4x faster pro apk-This apk is also widely used then game booster is one of the best.This app provides optimizing ram,battery consumption and junk file remover.
  4. Cleaner For Android –This is best game optimizing app .This will fast up the operating system.this app will clean up the junk files and cache files from memory. he app has the ability to optimize battery life, and become a booster for Android. If someone wants to enjoy a lag-free game, then just open the game from the Streaky Android Cleaner interface.
  5. All-In-One Toolbox This is all in one game optimizer app. This app speed booster ,memory optimization and app manager.This app also provides cool the cpu service.
  6. Game Booster & Launcher -This game offers the user max potential, and they can optimize every app on the phone. With the help of FPS, the user would be able to monitor the performance of the phone, and side by side advance CPU management of Linux.
  7. Droid Optimizer. This will provide user ranking system if user have unnecessary files and he does not clean up then get low rank.This will works with no ads and perform speed up the gaming.

Problems with game optimizing app ?

we find Samsung game optimizing service app will sometimes gives you more ads and pop ups when you are playing games or even not playing games. you can stop or disable the app by doing following setttigs

  1. Go to setting
  2. Find the apps running
  3. select the game optimizer app from the list
  4. press force stop and this app will stop.

you can also stop notification by doing following settings

Settings > Notifications > Advanced and deselect the notifications.


Here we have discuss various game optimizing service and how it will work ?what is the advantages of using this apps.We have also cover that which are the best game optimizing apps are available.