GoDaddy Email Login Through Webmail :Fix the problem

Godaddy is one of the leading hosting and email service provider and I found problem when I want to know how godaddy email login through webmail. This article covers how to setup and login through the webmail. We have found that most of the time godaddy user has configure this account but found difficult to access the godaddy email login.
That’s why we describe how to access godady email login directly throught webmail or godaddy workspace webmail. Webmail is extension of godaddy email user interface which is accessible directly through web you can use following method to access your godaddy email login and check your emails and enjoy.

GoDaddy Email Login Through webmail login page

When you are going to access your godaddy email login then you first sign in into the and go to email section and then you can able to check the email. you can also access email from email but it is lengthy process.

But , In the following two sections you are able to know how to login using webmail means able to login using web browser without login into and going thorught long procedure. We have also explain how to set up godaddy webmail if you don’t have any idea.

How to access godaddy webmail login?

If your above steps are clear and you can able to see the business email account in godaddy.

Now second step is how to access the godaddy webmail login using chrome browser directly without login into godaddy cpanel.

Steps to access godaddy webmail login (webmail login page)

Step 1: type your domain name in browser. for example your domain name with which you have configure your godady email account is then type it in chrome browser.

Step 2: Then in address bar of chrome type

Step 3: This will redirect you to the webmail account and shows you following screen.

Step 4: Then you have to select one of the option and redirect you to webmail login page.

Step 5: enter username and password of your godaddy email account or workspace webmail. then you will be redirected to your email account.

That’s all you can able to access this godaddy webmail login. so we have try to solve problem how to access godaddy webmail account from chrome or any other browser.

How to set up the godaddy webmail ?

To set up the godaddy email account you have to perform following steps.

  1. go to
  2. Sign-in using username and password of your email access
  3. Now click on myaccount
  4. Scroll down and show you Email & office in
GoDaddy Email Login Through Web mail

Step 1: Now check whether Godaddy Business Email account is exist or not. If it is exist then you can configure your godaddy webmail from following the steps below.

Step 2: Click on your hosting plan and click on manage button to navigate to cpanel where you will find all the settings including email.

Step 2: click on Cpanel admin

Step 3: Then search for email. Under email we have email accounts link .

Step 4: click on that email account link will redirect you to the Godaddy business email account page.

Step 5: Where you have to check your business email address is exist or not?

Step 6: if not exist then create it.

Step 7: To create godaddy webmail address you have to click on create button. Just enter your business email as a username and choose password and confirm password.

Step 8: That’s all your godaddy business email will ready to run.

Step 9:If exist then do steps mention in above section to access the godaddy email via godaddy webmail login.

Alternative way to login godaddy webmail business email

When you configure godaddy email with cpanel and when you try to access the webmail via account.

this cpanel webmail access is useful when you have not pruchasae godaddy business email. When you purchase godaddy business email then you can access you webmail account via following link

so when you purchase business plan as shown in figure below

godaddy email login with business account

When you configure the godaddy business email login account then you have veriety of benefits list on godaddy business account benefit page.

how to access godaddy login with business plan

Step 1: click on the link to open godaddy workspace business email account

Step 2: Enter username and password into godaddy email login

GoDaddy Email Login with business plan with mobile phone

Step 3: you will be redirect to the workspace godaddy email login account.

How to accesss GoDaddy Email Login with mobile phone

You can also access the godaddy email login with mobile phone in very easy way. Now a days every one is accessing email from mobile phone.

To access Godaddy webmail with mobile phone you have to perform following steps.

Step 1: Open chrome browser in mobile phone

Step 2: enter url in address bar of chrome browser.

Step 3: enter username and password in username and password section and then press login button.

Step 4: This will redirect you to godaddy webmail workspace login.


We have explain how to access GoDaddy Email Login using webmail login page with easy steps instead of login email We have also explain if account is not available then how to create email account in godaddy.

We expect you like our article…..Thanks for reading.