Google Home Mini Price in India Specification Features Review : What is Google Home Mini

Updated On: 26th May 2018

Google Home Mini In India is now available after long waiting . Google has launched its wonderful product to compete with Amazon alexa echo smart device and its name is Google Home Mini. Google has launched it in India before two weeks. Google Home mini is available in three colors chalk , charcoal and coral.

google home mini price in india starts from Rupees 4499 on google store and on Flipkart,com .

Latest Google Home Mini offers are available on and on google store.

What does Google Home Mini do ?

Google Home Mini Features

Its Great time when you don’t want to tell your friend or partner to remind you for your daily activity or Tune up your favorite songs, this everything is carried out by google Home Mini device. Even you can listen books from google play by using Google Home Mini.

Isn’t it a smart device google Home Mini?

Not Ends with the simple favorite things to remind or listen , this also manage your daily path to your office  and google takes me home  . when you ask this device to “traffic to work” it reply with shortest path to my office or home with less traffic route.

No need to move tabs to find factual information from the world. If you ask to google home mini it will reply you like a knowledgeable person. It also provides you live updates of score continuously .Google home mini also provides you date of next game , where it will play and on what time.

fantastic…… I will not miss a single score of my event.

Now its turn to diet consious people , don’t search and remember evertime how much calorie I consume after eating this food ……………

ask this to google Home mini “How much calories in Banana?” …it replies ” it contains some kilo calories”..

So you can maintain your daily diet and be ready for healthy day.

oh my god…….I often forgot the items I have to buy when I come from office  that my wife tell before she  go to office . so now I tell my wife to use google home mini and tell it what should I buy when I come from office?

you can add items by saying “Hey google add banana in my shopping list” and google Home mini reply “Ok I will add in your shopping list”.

When you leave for office you just ask to Google home mini how many items in my shopping cart….and it says n numbers of items in your shopping cart and items are following….A,B,C.

Google Home Mini also recognize your voice and reply accordingly.

Does google home mini works only for one person ? answer is No. You can store many persons voice in your Google Home mini.

Google home also shows you your favorite movies , TV shows available with google home supported channels.

Google home mini  supports  following google home apps

Music Category it supports

Smart home : philips, tp-link  Google chromecast, Google chromecast Audio

conclusion: Gologle home mini review is excellent that 2,057 Ratings & 389 Reviews on and it have round about 4.5 * .All and All Google home provides great smart home and satisfy all my daily needs . I have wonder that world get so smart that only by speaking words I get information of my daily works which we normally forgot and bother about. We have to spare time to know the score of match etc. but with this Googel home mini life is get easier than ever before.

Google has revealed that it sold more than one Home series product every second since the Home Mini began shipping in October last year

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