google products

Google photo:

The Google photo store collection of photographs and videos.Many people have photography; then, it may be possible that they have a large group of pictures and videos. If this extensive collection of photographs, video stores, in mobile phones, then it occupies significant space in mobile phones. This problem can solve with the help of a Google photo.The person can store all photographs and videos in Google photos, which are unnecessary in the present period time.


Youtube is one of the best services of Google. The individual or organization can create their youtube channel and upload their video on youtube. Suppose Daily Newspaper start a youtube channel and upload a video about what recently happening in the country. 

Google shopping :

Google shopping provides a unique platform to retailers for selling their goods to buyers. Google shopping is also best for the buyer because if the buyer buys from only one retailer, then compares the prices of products of only one retailer, but on the Google shopping buyer, examine the product of many retailers.

Google trend :

Google trends indicate the latest and recent topic on which people want to know in any country.

Google News:

Google news information about the latest news, an event regarding sports, science, social, tech, and many other subjects. There are much top news channel submit their news content at the Google news. 

Google Blog spot:

Blogspot uses to express thoughts, views.Use blogger for Whatever is in your mind. It provides a free platform for it. If any housewife knows about the best recipe for making burgers, she writes recipes on blogger also.

Google drive :

If you have a Gmail account, you will use Google Drive for storing video, photograph, and use for sharing files.

Google Chrome:

Google chrome is a web browser. It can provide fast, secure web access to the user. It can also use for performing so many types of tasks using an extension. 

Google play store :

Google play store includes any mobile app which uses in mobile phones. Users can download it according to their usage. The user must require an updated mobile app to get the best performance.