Gorilla Glass in mobile phones : All you need to know about 2019

Corning gorilla glass is best for the cover glass for the portable electronics devices like as high- ended mobile phones. Corning gorilla glass is a durable and scratch –resistent and as used for the protection of the screens of electronics devices as smartphone, tablet.  Corning gorilla glass feature as it is strong. lightweight and compatible with the touch screen technologies

1)  gorilla Glass 3

Corning made new gorilla glass that was more scratch –resistent, more flexible and more stronger.

2)  gorilla Glass 4

It is observed by the company as user of the smartphone face problem of dropping of smartphone on land and cracking the screens and so that Company focus on improving the glass and make it more resistant against dropping of smartphone.

3) gorilla glass 5

The corning has focused on the matter of dropping of smartphone and so that the gorilla Glass 5 is became four times more resistant whenever smartphone dropped.

Corning company describe as the gorilla glass 5  can survive about 1.6 meters or 5 feet.In simple words you can say that  smartphone  can survive even if you drop it while watching video or reading some messeges.