how to add rythm bot to discord?

This article will discuss how to add rythm bot to discord channel. As you know, Discord is one of the best chatting application specially designed for the gamer.When playing games gamer can chat with each other by using Direct messaging in discord or channel messages in discord.

Discord is just a chatting app if it does not allow you to add your functionality. For example, if someone wants to listen to music during chatting or playing games, then he has to code that functionality and embed it into discord bot. But writing this type of code is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can integrate that functionality by installing the bot into discord. If you have added the rythm bot and you found discord rythm bot not working then you can visit our article on why rythm bot now working
For music there are many music bots are available .

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how to add rythm bot to discord

How to install rythm bot to discord you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the rythm website by clicking on this rythm website link in browser. on rythm website you can find add to discord button.

Step 2: Press on the add to discord button as shown in figure below

Click on Add to discord button

Step 3: Click on this Add to discord button on discord will redirect you to discord client login page as shown in below figure.

Discord Client to install rythm bot

Step 4: select the channel where you want to install the Rythm music bot. I have chosen my server, which has the name “First” and then press the continue button.

you must have Manage server permission in selected server. Because you need administrator rights of the channel in which you want to add Rythm bot.

Select server on which you want to install Rythm music bot.

Step 5: Click on continue will be display following screen where you have to confirm that you want to grant “Administrator” permission on first channel to Rythm bot. Once you authorize then it will redirect you to

confirm that you grant permission to rythm

Step 6: When you click on Authorize button. It will redirect you to the next screen. you have to prove you are not robot.

Step 7: once you complete this process then it will redirect you to main discord can see the welcome message from rythm bot.

Thank you for adding rythm bot

Step 8: That’s done now your channel have ryhtm bot in discord and you can play music using rythm bot.

Step 9: you can see the list of commands by typing !help and following screen will be display

how to see rythm list of commands

Step 10: now you have join your voice channel . once you click on voice channel and type !play command in command box

when you write directly !play command in command box following error will be gernated by rythm discord bot.

You have to be in a Voice channel to use this command.

Mee6 will generated please connect to voice channel first.

Step 11: You have to connect voice channel so at left side of discord panel just click on the voice channel.

I want to play lovely madona song La Isla Bonita from youtube on my voice channel then write following command.

!play Madonna – La Isla Bonita

song play on rythm bot

lovely ,song will play so all the members of your voice channel can listen song played by you on rythm bot.

if you want stop the song then use !stop command.

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Rythm music bots Command

playPlays a song with the given name or url.
disconnectDisconnect the bot from the voice channel it is in.
npShows what song the bot is currently playing.
aliasesList command aliases.
pingChecks the bot’s response time to Discord.
skipSkips the currently playing song.
seekSeeks to a certain point in the current track.
soundcloudSearches soundcloud for a song
removeRemoves a certain entry from the queue.
loopqueueLoops the whole queue.
searchSearches YouTube for results of a URL.
statsShows the stats of the bot.
loopLoop the currently playing song.
donateInfo about donating to support Rythm!
shardChecks the shard you are on.
joinSummons the bot to your voice channel.
lyricsGets the lyrics of the current playing song
infoInfo about Rythm!
resumeResume paused music.
settingsChange Rythm’s settings.
moveMoves a certain song to the first position in the queue or to a chosen position
forwardForwards by a certain amount in the current track.
skiptoSkips to a certain position in the queue.
clearClears the queue.
replayReset the progress of the current song
cleanDeletes the bot’s messages and commands.
pausePauses the currently playing track.
removedupesRemoves duplicate songs from the queue.
volumeCheck or change the current volume.
rewindRewinds by a certain amount in the current track.
playtopLike the play command, but queues from the top.
playskipAdds a song to the top of the queue then skips to it.
shuffleShuffles the queue.
queueView the queue. To view different pages, type the command with the specified page number after it (queue 2).
leavecleanupRemoves absent user’s songs from the Queue.

you have to follow same procedure when you want to add discord music bots like MEE6,Groovy and Hydra


In this article we have discuss how to add rythm bot on discord.We have use step by step approach and hoe so it will be userful to reader.We have also discuss different rythm commands.

enjoy the reading ………….