How to Block Emails in Gmail on mobile and browser(January 2020)

Normally we find one user sending one or two email and they are quite useful for us. But if we received many emails from someone email id in short period of time and it just flood your mail box in gmail then you need to use how to block emails in gmail or how to block people on gmail and we have also cover how to unblock email id in gmail. We have written article on how to send pdf file in gmail.

Here we have list out two techniques to stop unwanted emails.

Block email in Gmail in mobile phone

steps to block email in gmail in mobile phone

Step 1: download the gmail mobile app from google play store.

Step 2: open it into mobile phone and do sign-in using username and password. It will display following screen shot.

Step 3: Then open the email received by you that you want to block

Step 4: Click on the top right corner of that email you will find three dots vertical line.

Step 5: Once you click on that line it will show you “Block <<sender Name>>

Step 6: Press on that button and which ask you to confirm that you want to block <<sender name>> email. Once you confirm then all the email send by this email id will be deliver to Spam folder instead of showing you into inbox.

Block emails in Gmail browser

If you want to block spamming email you received from one email id and you are using internet explorer, chrome or opera browser. you can block email in gmail using browser by performing following steps.

step 1: Sign-in into gmail account

Step 2: Click on the email you received that you want to block

Step 3: once you open the email then at top right corner their is a vertical three dots .

Block email in gmail

Step 4: click on those dots will show you one option “Block <<Username>>”

Block email in gmail

Step 5: It will show you confirm Block <<username>> window.

Block email in gmail prompt

Step 6: press Block Button and then after when you received any mail from block gmail address will be redirected to spam folder and not in inbox. Here by blocking user received email will be directed to spam folder and not deleted. if you want to see that email then click on spam folder.

Permanently Delete Block email in Gmail

By using block email id you just have to send the email into spam. So instead of showing all email into inbox from blocked email id now it will be deliver into spam folder. so if you want to check then go to spam folder and check out those emails.

Now another point is you want to permanently delete email received from email id then you can use another functionality name is “Filter”

Do following steps to permanently delete block email in gmail.

Step 1: Sign-in into

Step 2: Click on Settings

step 3: click on Filters and Blocked Addresses button

Filter in gmail

Step 4: Now press create new filter button at bottom side

Specify email in filter

Step 5: Enter email id into From textbox. you just have to type the first word and it will display email address having that characters.

Step 6: Once you type the email address into From textbox then Create Filter will be Enable and you click on that Create filter button. That will show you following window from which you have to select “Delete it”

Delete blocked email in gmail.

Once you select delete it option then if you receive mail from mentioned email address then it will be deleted automatically. please be caution that you really want to delete emails received from mention email address.

How to Unblock Email in Gmail.

If you have block one email address and now you find that you want to unblock that email address then you have to perform following steps

Step 1: Click on Settings

step 2: click on Filters and Blocked Addresses button

Step 3: This will shows you all the email addresses which you blocked.

Step 4: Just check email id which you want to unblock and press unblock button.

how to unblock email in gmail

Step 5: After pressing unblock button will show you confirm unblock. which will prompt you “Message from <> will appear in your inbox.

confirm unblock

press unblock and again you will received email in inbox from email id which you have unblocked.


In this article we have discuss how to block emails in gmail.

We have discuss two platform one is on android mobile phone and second is on browser. you can use browser on mobile phone or on desktop.

To block email in gmail you can use shortcut that is “block username” which will move up coming email from blocked user to spam folder.

Another option is if you do not want to receive email from one email id then you can use filter email in gmail. here you can use delete this mail. so email received from filter email id will skip your gmail account and deleted directly.

This article is written for providing information only , if you have more thoughts on this then please comment below. We have never use any copyright material but if you found it then lets know by shooting mail mention in contact us link.