How to restart discord and How to refresh discord?

discord is one the best text and voice chatting software, and we want to know how to restart discord as well as how to refresh discord ? we also write about How to refresh discord app on mobile phone. People use it during playing games.we can chat with friends and listen to music. server have many channels and assign roles to user. We will discuss how to restart discord on laptop or discord on mobile when discord not opening . We have also discuss how to restart discord bot or discord server with our unique way of backup the users. we will also discuss How to refresh discord? you can also use this option when discord won’t open.

How to restart discord when discord not opening ?

How to reset discord on PC or Laptop?

Sometimes we have found that discord not opening on PC or laptop. It continuously shows the circle and trying to restart like, as shown in the figure below.

Once you find this type of black screen and you want to restart discord, then you follow the steps mention below.

windows blank screen how to restart discord

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type the %appdata% command.
Step2: This command will show you the following figure.

Step 3: delete the folder with name “Discord” and then restart your machine and then run discord.

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The alternate way to address how to reboot discord when discord not opening is to check compatibility with the machine and allow discord to run with the compatible mode on windows.

To achieve compatibility with discord, you need to perform the following steps and then restart your machine and run discord.

Step 1: Right-click on the discord icon
Step2: click on properties from the menu.
Step3: once you click on properties, then click on the compatibility tab as shown below.

Run this program in compatiblity mode for discord

Step 4: Check the Checkbox shown “Run this program in Compatible mode for” and select the service pack 3.
Step 5: save the program and then start discord .It will work.

Restart discord if Mike not working or no sound

if mike is not working or no sound is available on discord the how to enable discord sound ? you can check out the voice setting by following way.You have to click on settings tab shown in following figure.

and the click on App settings and in that go to “Voice and Video” in this section you can check out voice user setting with self test and all options why your voice is not audible on discord bot or channel.

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Still, if the discord does not work, then restart discord settings with following way.

Way 1: Uninstall discord and re-installed it again.

Way 2: Open the web browser and type the and do login with the credentials and enjoy discord chatting and voice.

How to refresh discord ?

you just have to press hotkey or keyboard short cut key CTRL + R To refresh Discord. After refresh the discord if any messages will not display will display immediately.

Which are the problems occurs then you have to learn How to refresh discord?

Problem 1:

In Discord when I talk mic stop working .secondly when I use push to talk then mic does not work. The channel is freeze and I can’t do anything . I read about how to refresh discord? By pressing CTRL+R will reload the discord and problem has been solved.

If this mic problem occurs in your discord communication then please don’t reinstall the discord . you try out refresh the discord by pressing CTRL+R.

Problem 2:

When you find that your server shows some person offline and actually he was online then you just refresh discord server and most of the time problem will be solved.

Problem 3:

When you want to find new Direct message(DM) then use Refresh discord.

How to refresh discord app?

In mobile phone there is no way to refresh the discord app. if you have mic problem or echo problem then do one thing just uninstall the app and reinstall.

How to restart discord bot server?

To restart discord servers means you want to remove all the channels and also remove out all the discord roles and permissions. The simple answer to this question is you can’t remove all the channels at a time for this you have to remove channel one by one. If you want to remove roles and permissions on discord then also you have to do it one by one picking users and channels association.

So what actually person wants to achieve two objectives when restarting discord bot.

  1. Save members of the channels
  2. Remove all channels and its permission

How to save members of the channels in CSV

For this particular work, I have found out the following code. You have to work with this code in PM and exports all the members from channels.

Then after you have to delete full bot, reinstalled it on the server and created different channels and import the members on respective channels. For exact code visit this link

Code to download members of the discord channels

"""A bot to list all members of a server."""
import csv
import time
from discord.ext import commands
from discord.ext.commands import Bot
# constants
PREFIX = "~"
bot = Bot(command_prefix=PREFIX)
async def on_ready():
    print('Logged in as')
async def on_command_error(error, ctx):
    if isinstance(error, commands.CommandNotFound):
async def stat(ctx):
    """Returns a CSV file of all users on the server."""
    await bot.request_offline_members(ctx.message.server)
    before = time.time()
    nicknames = [m.display_name for m in ctx.message.server.members]
    with open('temp.csv', mode='w', encoding='utf-8', newline='') as f:
        writer = csv.writer(f, dialect='excel')
        for v in nicknames:
    after = time.time()
    await bot.send_file(, 'temp.csv', filename='stats.csv',
                        content="Here you go! Check your PM's. Generated in {:.4}ms.".format((after - before)*1000))
if __name__ == '__main__':


We have discuss many approaches to restart discord client on laptop or mobile phone when discord not opening . We have also discuss our own approach to restart discord bot without loosing the members. In the above discuss approach we have to first take backup of all the members of channel in csv and then delete the bot and restore the bot.

Note:We have try our level best to solve the problem of restart the discord bot but before using this approach you must backup the discord bot and then try our approach.Any profit or loss to individual neither nor the author is liable.