how to unfullscreen discord ?

In discord when sometime we press the keys and discord moves to full screen mode. When we try to make it unfullscreeen or minimize it then it does not work. We have try to solve this problem in windows and in MAC computer or laptop. discord fullscreen key will makes you full screen and some keys will change the look in unfullscreen mode.

how to unfullscreen discord ?

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ F to unfullscreen discord from full screen to normal mode. Hold all keys simultaneously means hold CTRL+SHIFT+F and then wait for windows to take action. your screen will unfullscreen discord will see normal mode.

how to unfullscreen discord then use Ctrl+Shift+F on keyboard

shortcut key to unfullscreen discord?

use the CTRL+SHIFT+F shortcut key in widnows to unfullscreen discord .

using top Blue bar if discord stuck in full screen

you have to click on top blue bar at discord program and then you drag it to the downside. This will drag the discord app and lower down it and hope it solve this problem.discord stuck in full screen then this click will solve the problem or you can read below section where if discord screen click not working.

top Blue bar of discord screen not visible then how to unfullscreen discord

sometime discord blue bar at the top is not visible and the discord app is in full screen mode. you even cannot even see anything like minimize or click on that.

You can use shortcut screen to un maximize the discord screen.discord stuck in full screen then you can use following keys in combination of other keys to solve the problem.

  1. you just press windows key + down key This will minimize the discord screen or any other screen where you can probably see the discord minimize button and then click on that to minimize.
  2. press ALT+Enter
  3. Press ALT+F4 and then restart your computer
  4. one windows you can also try out ALT+TAB sometime it works to change the screen
  5. on apple computer you can use CMD key to change the screen.

The above key will surely make your discord screen in normal mode.

alternatively open discord in discord web.

Final words how to take discord out of fullscreen

You can solve how to unfullscreen discord by pressing CTRL+ALT+F and if it does not work then you can use windows key and down arrow key to how to take discord out of fullscreen.