how to update discord or discord update failed?

We have fix the problem of discord update failed or discord updates not working .how to update discord? Discord is one of the leading chatting tool used in gaming community. Discord can be used in background when you play games. Discord provides various tools like text to speech in discord and you can also listen music on different discord music bots. discord also provides ability to change the role using discord tupperbox. Discord frequently develop updates to overcome the issue in previous version.In this article we have discuss various solutions for discord stuck on checking for updates.We have also discuss that why discord not updating correctly and results into discord update failed loop. This solutions will work both on windows operating system and MAC OS X or apple iphone.

how to update discord?

When you install the client on your computer then discord client will automatically update discord itself. If you want to check for discord update then you click on small icon in the task bar menu. Then click on the Check for updates button and discord will be updated.

how to update discord

7 Techniques for how to update discord

how to update discord failed due to various reasons.Very first reason is updater will not work correctly and may virus corrupt the update exe. now when discord update failed loop then you should try out following solutions when discord stuck on checking for updates .

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1. Run Discord update as an administrator to update discord

We have seen so many times that when discord update failed and result into discord update failed loop then you should press windows key+R and then type %localappdata% and press enter will show you following screen.

Run Discord update as an administrator

Click on the discord folder and open then discord folder which shows you update.exe file.

Run Discord update as an administrator

First try to run as an administrator. So right click on that update file and run as administrator.Many times this idea will works and your discord will start updating.

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2. Disable the discord update :how to update discord

When you run as administrator and idea will not work then you just want to run your discord client. In this case you have to break discord stuck updating section then you just try this solution .

rename the discord update launcher

You have to rename the discord update launcher file from update.exe to update_old.exe and then start discord again.

3. Kill all older discord process which block update

There may be other process discord.exe is already running and it block the access of the update discord process . so just kill all the older discord processes and then try to update discord.

To solve these problem you have to you just follow this solution.

discord wont update
  1. Right click on task bar
  2. Click on Task Manager
  3. Check any process name with discord.exe is running?
  4. If running then right click on all processes name discord.exe and press End Task.
  5. Now relaunch discord and updates will work.

3. Stop your windows defender or any other antivirus program

sometimes antivirus programs does not allows update program to run and install it on our computer. They have the doubt that this update will be harmful to the computer.

Best way is to temporary disable this antivirus program and then install your update. once update completed then restart antivirus programs. first o of all you have to disable the windows defender .

4. Disable the windows defender program

To disable the windows defender antivirus program you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open the control panel and search the defender in search box.
  2. open the defender program
  3. Click on the last option that “Tools”
  4. click on the options in Tools section
  5. will show you following screen click on the administrator and then unchecked the check box “Use this program”. This will disable the defender as shown in figure.
Disable the windows defender program

5. Clear out the Discord cache to run discord updates

Sometimes already build cache does not allow updates to run and that’s why it failed to update.

Press Window+R and then write %appdata%/discord/cache or open C:\Users\win7\AppData\Roaming\discord\Cache path which will show you the following screen. This folder contains many cache files.You have to delete these cache files.

Clear out the Discord cache

once all cache files are deleted then you start your discord which automatically takes updates and run smoothly.

6. Open and Run Discord in Windows Compatible mode

Many time due to not compatible version updates may not able to run and discord update failed.when discord checking for updates we have to run the discord in windows compatible mode.

To open discord in windwos compatible mode you have to do following steps.

  1. Right click on discord Icon
  2. Click on properties
  1. Go to compatible tab

now check on run this program in compatible mode for and select the compatible mode section. I have selected Windows XP(service pack 3).

Try out all above solutions and then still it does not work then uninstall discord and download fresh copy of discord and install.


We have discuss on the topic that will fix the problem of discord update failed or discord updates not working. We have discuss that run discord as an administrator,how to delete cache? how to clear app data and how to run discord in compatible mode. All these techniques will solve the problem . if any other help needed then let me know. shoot out mail on