i am too powerful to be kept alive

i am too powerful to be kept alive

i am too powerful to be kept alive the doctor said this word to the family of patient. When i go to hospital for visiting regarding my friend illness that time doctor giving courage to the family of my friend . Doctor say if patient take regular treatment and medicine then he will surely come out from this illness.

The family member of my friend was upset so much because of the health condition of my friend very poorly. The parents of my friend were so unhappy because of the life of their one and only son is in a critical situation. The doctor who giving treatment is also trying best and giving courage to parents that please do not worry and I will put best efforts in giving treatment. The doctor is a close friend to my friend’s father so the doctor giving courage that I am so powerful to live a kept.

When I go with my friends to a seminar on yoga, health, fitness at that time I saw the one person who teaches yoga, health exercise to other people.He also tells me that i am too powerful to be kept alive. He tells that I teach the yoga, exercises to all person in my class but most of happen that among them many people do not learn yoga and other exercises sincerely. If a person doing yoga and other exercises regularly then that will surely beneficial to their health. He has great confidence in the Yoga and another exercise so he repeatedly asking i am too powerful to be kept alive. I and my friend firmly believe that this person is best in his work as teaching yoga and other exercises to people.

When I was reading the ancient religious book that time the many chapters focusing on the great war between the elements of god and demons, evils. There are always happens that demons, evils, and worst rulers which are so much harmful to common people, religious priests, and other people in the society.

The elements of god come and tell that people I am too powerful to be kept alive. I will free from this type of demons, evils rulers so as not to worry about this.

There are many religious books mention that the demons, evils, worst rulers win all the earth and that time the common people, religious priests, the element of god prays to God (supreme power) and that time god hear the prayer of his followers and also see that his followers and other innocent people which are badly suffering from all these evils, worst rulers and other demons. The god(supreme power) takes birth on the earth and fight with evil, demons, worst rulers and also say to all his followers that i am too powerful to be kept alive .