india vs uae : Which is the best country?(October 2020)

In this article we have written down the comparison of India vs UAE . We have also write down how one country is better than other and vice versa. We have list down which are the places you have to visit in both countries and which are employment areas in which both countries are working.

UAE vs India
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india vs uae : Which is the best country?

I get in touch with many friends live in india and uae and when talking about this many times we have done coparison of india vs uae.

India vs UAE: No of States

So let me first introuduce the Republic of India. There are total ‎28 States and 8 Union territories (governed by Central Government).

UAE (United Arab Emirat) is the union of seven states Abu Dhabi, Dubai, AjmanFujairahRas al KhaimahSharjah and Umm al Quwain.

previously both are under the British rule.

UAE vs India :Growth perceptive and major development areas

We have listed down the major industries in UAE on which the GDP of the UAE is depend.We have also list down the best major companies in which foreigner can get the jobs.

Sectors participate in UAE GDP

  • aluminium
  • boat building and ship repair
  • construction
  • fishing
  • handicrafts and textiles
  • petroleum and petrochemicals.

Major companies in which foreigner can work in UAE

  • AstraZeneca Gulf (pharmaceutical)
  • Apparel Group (retail)
  • DHL (logistics)
  • Etihad Airways
  • FedEx Express (logistics)
  • Hilton Worldwide (hospitality)
  • Marriott (hospitality)
  • Microsoft Gulf
  • Omnicom Media Group MENA
  • Splash (fashion)
  • THE One (retail)
  • Weber Shandwick (communications).

TOP Sectors performing in India GDP

  1. Agricultural Sector
  2.   Industry Sector
  3. Services Sector
  4. Food Processing
  5. Manufacturing Sector

Companies working in Information technology sectors like infosys,wipro,TCS shows their global present and sixty percentage of GDP contribution comes from service sector. 

UAE vs India : Political and Religion

Religion in India and UAE

UAE is Islamic country. Islam is the official religion of UAE. 80% of the population are follow the islam.

India is democratic country and does not follow any official religion.

Hindu,Muslim, Sikh ,Christian and many other religion are living peacefully . They celebrate religious festivals and people from other religion also join the celebration.

political structure in India and UAE

In India every five years election will take place and all political party will content the election.

UAE is rules by Federal elective constitutional monarchy for more information you can visit royal families rules of UAE.

UAE provides greate infrastructure,medical and eduction facilities.

India some of the part have great infrastructure ,medical and education facilities and some of the parts don’t have.

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