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indian actors

Ajay devgan

Ajay devgan starts his career from the famous movie phool aur Katte.Ajay Devgan performance was in that movie.He performed best as an actor in many best movies and that movies were successful in the box office.The list of movie like that

1)Phool aur Kaate



4)Hum Dil de chuke sanam

5)Once upon time in Mumbai

Sunny deol:

He is one of the best action Hero in Bollywood.He performed the best acton Hero role in Ghayal,Gadar,Ghatak,Damini and many more other movie .People always remember his lines or sentences in Damini movie for getting Justice “Tarikh pe Tarikh,……..Tarikh pe Tarikh ……. Tarikh pe Tarikh .  Sunny Deol joined Bhartiya Janta party(BJP) for social service of the nation and also won the Loksabha election in 2019.

Sunny deol famous movie like as

1) Betaab.


3) Ghayal





Mithun chakraborty

Mithun chakraborty who is one of the actors that can perform the best role of dancing and action .He has appeared in Hindi and other regional language movie . He was also concerned with many television show .He came in one of the famous song “Mile Sur mera Tumhara” as song message related to unity in the country..


He can perform all types of roles like as action,drama,comedy,tragedy and many more types of role. The list of the famous movie like as

1) Saat Hindustani

2) sholey


4) Shakti


6) Aakhari Rasta

7)Aankhen 8)Baghban

Dev anand :

Dev Anand was film actor,Director and writer and considered Image of as one of the most Evergreen Hero or actor in Hindi cinema.He got film fare awards for some movie that was successful in the year.There are acting in some song will always remember like as guide movie song Yahaan kon Hai tera………….musafir jayega kaha that song pass some deep message to all human.

1)Hum dono



4)Jewel thief.

Amol Palekar

Amol Palekar  got a film fare award for the movie Golmaal . He performed the best comedy acting in that super hit comedy movie. This movie ‘s song as Golmaal  hai  bhai sab Golmaal hai which becomes an evergreen comedy song.It is also a movie chit chor ‘ song as Jab dip jale aana Jan saam dhale aana as also hit song and this song expresses feeling for true love and the sweet voice and music of the song is like best prayer to god or goddess .

Rajesh Khanna:

Rajesh Khanna was one of the most successful actors in the world of Hindi cinema . He was also a politician and member of parliament in loksabha.Rajesh Khanna died after a long illness.He was also famous for sad acting in the song like as Zindgi ke Safar me Guzar jate he jo mukaam………… which is such a sad song and it’s acting in that song always  remember to audience.

in  The list of movies as

1) Amarprem

2)Haathi mere saathi

3)Namak Haraam

Dara Singh

Dara Singh was just like He-man in Bollywood. He became famous from The ramayana television serial   role as “Pawanputra “Hanumanji” never forget by the audience.