every revolution begins with a single act of defiance

every revolution begins with a single act of defiance

every revolution begins with a single act of defiance
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Do you know about the who said every revolution begins with a single act of defiance and you may know that Gandhiji said this word that every revolution begins with a single act of defiance during the Indian independence movement. He said this word in their regional or local language, but if covert these words in the English language, then the meaning as every revolution begins with a single act of defiance. The Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbander, the Gujarat state in India. The significant contribution made by him for India’s freedom can never be forgotten as great political leader who transforms the dream of Indian for freedom into reality. He gave a significant contribution to the Indian independence movement. He was one of the leading people in that movement and employed Non-violent resistance at that moment. People gave him name as Mahatma for his great work. He is well known as “Father of nation” of India. He wrote a famous book as “the story of my experiments with the truth which mainly focused on truth, nonviolence etc. values.Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his life to discovering and pursuing the truth or Satya. So his movement called satyagraha, which simple meaning is an appeal to or reliance on the truth.The life and thought of mahatma Gandhi provide great inspiration to many people of the world, and his work proved that one person mark for his non violent ideology.The contribution made by the Gandhiji to the country was never forgotten

Every year 2, , October celebrate as Gandhi Jayanti’ which was the birthdate of Gandhiji. It is also a national holiday on that day. There are many programmes arrange in school and other educational institutes about the celebration of the  Gandhiji Jayanti.” 

There were so many people firmly Believed in Mahatma Gandhi’s values and ideology. They were the faithful followers of Mahatma Gandhi.

He was against untouchability and considered it a bad thing in any culture and so started a new campaign for improving the lives of untouchables.The Mahatma Gandhiji read many. Religious books but got influenced from Bhagavata Gita and similar text. He learned many values of life from this book.He was eating simple, completely vegetarian food and believing in positive thinking .

One famous incident about as Gandhiji had valid tickets for travelling by train in the first-class coach. The white man raised strong objection for visiting in first class. When Gandhiji gave argument and refused to move at another coach then that time he was beaten and thrown out from the train.

Gandhiji stayed at the railway station that night. Gandhiji saved his angriness and decided to stay in Africa and joined the movement which ran for civil right of human.Gandhiji and other people went on the peaceful march and protesting actively against the unjust and immoral rules of Government.

Mahatma Gandhi started many significant movements against the British rule on the path of non-violence and truth. Some of the famous movement started by the Gandhiji as Champaran satyagraha. When British rule policy mainly exploits the farmers of Champaran. So they cannot pay much tax, and so farmers under debt and poor condition. In that situation, Gandhiji started the movement, and result, the British rule gave relief from paying tax. It is the same movement also started for the farmer in Gujarat. In that case, also British rule gave relief from paying tax. So Gandhiji did work for the farmers.

Mahatma Gandhi also started the quit India movement to get the freedom of India. Many people joined this movement and gave their support to Gandhiji, so this movement became strong. On the other hand that was the time of second world war, so Britain was so busy in world war too.

There are many countries in the world noted that every revolution begins with a single act of defiance. You may indicate that the person or group of people defiance to high authority for their civil rights or claiming other types of right then passing of time that movement for getting justice and right turn into Great—Revolution in that state or country and finally, the present ruling government or body take the decision or passing the law in favor of fulfilling demand.So the single act of defense become one of the leading cause or reason for the change

There are mainly two types of defiance in the world.

1) One type of defiance which is full of violence. In this act, one person or group of persons give the challenge to higher authority full of violence. They do not believe in non-violence and firmly believe that they will get their rights to use force against the ruler of an upper body. It sometimes happens that the single act of defiance finally converts into the big revolution in the state or country. In history, it saw that the people or community got their rights forcefully from the high authority to use violence. Most of the scholars, educated people, good citizens, oppose this type of defiance. They believe that this type of resistance leads to mass destruction of public property and kills so many innocent people. 

2) The Second type of defiance with non-violence resistance. There are educated persons, good citizens, and many other types of community that agree with this type of opposition to rulers or high authority. For example, a peaceful march leads by one or more people going to the main office and explaining to them that their rules and regulation have the worst impact on us, so change the practices accordingly; otherwise, we will not join to work from the next day. Sometimes peaceful march goes from one place to another with candle march or wears a black ribbon on every hand. It .Sometimes happens that the single act of defiance which convert into big revolution. The Indian independence movement is the the best example of non-violence resistance against the high authority. 

Many people live with values and truthful lives, and they are not defiant because of many reasons in life. This type of word or sentence can give great inspiration for the people who dare to fight for the truth.The mahatma Gandhi gave a path of truth and nonviolence from which India got the freedom. It is rightly said that every revolution begins with a single act of defiance. You may prepare the list of leaders of other countries who work for humanity, and their single act of defiance converts into great revolution and becomes the cause for change.