mada mada meaning and mada word meaning

Mada Mada meaning

Mada mada is from the Japanese language and used where the people widely speak the Japanese language. This is the word mostly said in an ironic tone.The meaning of the Mada mada as “not yet, “bad enough ,not good enough. It is also a hashtag on Twitter under #madamada has a big following of fans. The Mada mada word meaning as above but some other language’s word matches this word, but its purpose is different from japanize language mada mada. This mada mada words widely spread on social media like Reddit,9gag, etc. And in this way become famous

The word Mada mada which is become more famous by the proper execution  gaming character name as Genji, who is one of the most famous characters in Blizzards’ action shooter “overwatch. Overwatch is one of the famous colorful team-based shooter games developed and published by Blizzard entertainment. Overwatch assigns players into two teams of six, with each player selecting from a roaster of characters, known as heroes. When anyone enters the overwatch game, they need to choose a hero for the playing overwatch game. In this game, one hero as Genji execution, the word as mada mada, is best when anybody plays this game.

The meaning of Mada word in some other languages

The meaning and pronunciation of mada in one language may be different in another language, so it may happen that when reading this word, that time can not understand its meaning. The meaning of the mada word discusses below.

The mada meaning in japanize language is yet,” and one example for that suppose
“Mada Australia he itta koto nai na,” meaning in the English language as I haven’t been to Australia yet.

Mada uses for the identification of gender in the Hindi language. .The mada is using in the Hindi language for the female. When the gender of female animals mentions, that time is mostly used for the mada word to identify the gender of the animal.
1)Mada, meaning in the Gujarati language, is the line of something(line of flowers or lamps or series of lights, etc.

2)mada word translation as fashion when translating from Hungarian and Latvian language to the English language.
And similarly, The Latin language uses mada for denoting week.

There are so many languages speak by the people in the world .Some languages easy to understand while the translation of some language is difficult and cannot understand easily. ..It may also happen that the pronunciation of the two words gets the same, but the meaning of the word is totally different from each other.

As above, the meaning of the word mada mada and the meaning of the mada used in different languages will help understand the purpose